Possible Oliver Twist Essay Questions :
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Dec 16th, 2019

Possible Oliver Twist Essay Questions :

When writing an essay about Oliver Twist you might face the problem that there can be so many oliver twist essay topics. Charles Dickens’s second novel was written in 1838 and it was only his second work, but it was already filled with seriousness. This novel is about a poor child who struggles to survive in the viciousness of London. The novel is one of the most popular works done by Dickens. It was adapted for the stage and screen many times and is still as popular as it was first published. Including the fact that the main theme of the novel is the eternal fight of good and evil, it is always hard to choose the right topic when writing an oliver twist essay. Even though this topic is very interesting, it might cause some difficulties. Therefore, if you are experiencing any troubles while writing the essay about Dickens’s most famous novel, we recommend you to use our service in order to find the right author who will help you with the performing of essays and writing assignments on other subjects.

  • Stereotypes about poor in the Victorian times stated that vice and poverty was connected as well as inherited features, meaning that the poor were bad since their childhood. What is Dickens’s opinion on these stereotypes? When trying to find an answer for this question in your apa essay, you should focus on the fact that Dickens uses Oliver Twist for the critic of the Victorian times and its stereotypes. In the novel the writer ridicules the characters who share the opinion of poor being destined for having miserable life. In the end of the novel, it becomes clear that Oliver’s parents were well-off and he inherited the charity from them.
  • Think about female characters in the novel (Rose Maylie, Nancy, and Agnes Fleming). What are the differences and similarities between them and what they say about Dickens’s ideas about women? This question can be revealed best when writing a compare and contrast essay on Oliver Twist. The differences of the women are brightly identified in the novel. Rose is a daughter of good parents. She is chaste and well-behaved. Nancy was brought up in the street and she is a prostitute. Agnes is of good breeding but still she is depraved. The similarities between them are the sacrifices they all have to make. Rose’s sacrifice is the decline to marry Harry, Nancy sacrifices her life for Oliver, and Agnes’s sacrifice is herself for the sake of her family’s reputation. Dickens’s opinion on each of these women is mostly favorable. By this, he demonstrates the will to forgive their sexual faults. Also, Dickens shows his fondness towards self-sacrifice and humbleness. For him, the ideal woman must be ready and even glad to give her life for others.
  • Think about the image of criminal justice in the novel. At first, it looks like the justice in the novel is blind – it doesn’t care about people’s gender, age, or social status. However, in the 19th century England these issues mattered. Therefore, in this topic, you can state that justice in the novel is directed in favor of middle- and upper-class people. In the novel, Oliver gets to the court twice. The magistrate in the courtroom was half-blind, which is a reference to the phrase «justice is blind». The presiding magistrate Mr. Fang, on the contrary, punishes everybody for even a little misconduct even without necessary evidence. Mr. Fang is against Oliver and sees him as a criminal. He is blinded by the stereotypes of the society he lives in. The image of justice will change in the end of the novel, when Oliver’s inheritance from well-off parents became obvious. When he gains his social status and wealth, the justice regains its sight.

Possible Topics for Essay on Oliver Twist :

  • The narrative technique in the chapters 48 and 52. The perspective of Fagin and Sikes in these chapters. The issue of punishment and guilt.
  • Fagin’s character. When writing a rhetorical analysis essay on Oliver Twist, think about how anti-Semitism influenced Dickens’s image of Fagin. Should he be the representation of all the Jews? Or can he represent anything at all?
  • Thievery in the novel. Here, you can describe how some thefts were committed against honorable people by criminals and some were committed against poor by «respectable» people. How different these two types of thievery are? What is common between them? Consider how Oliver got robbed of his identity by various people. What is the dominance of thievery mean in the novel?
  • The ways of clothing in the novel. What role does the clothing have? Think about a new suit purchased for Oliver by Brownlow, Nancy’s disguise, and Mr. Bumble’s regret for giving up the office.
  • The representation of marriage in Oliver Twist. Compare the marriages of Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney, Mr. Leeford and Monk’s mother, and Rose and Harry. Also, describe the couples that do not form the marriage (Brownlow, Oliver, Rose, Mrs. Maylie, etc.)
  • Betrayal in the novel. How does the betrayal affect the outcome of the plot and what characters are more influenced with that?
  • Poverty in the novel. Where does it appear and how Dickens manages to present the theme of poverty in a dynamic way?
  • Courage as one of the themes in the novel. Where is courage represented in the novel and how do these appearances affect the characters.

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Possible Oliver Twist Essay Questions :
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