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Dec 18th, 2019


On Saturday, September 7th, one of the hottest new singer/songwriters performed live on the waterfront behind the Cambridge-side Galleria. The group: Poe, the alternative band that has been sweeping the country with their hit “Angry Johnny.” WBCN, one of the most popular alternative rock stations in Boston, broadcast the show over their airwaves.

The concert planners focused on attracting the college crowd because of Poe’s popularity on college campuses and the way college students relate to the music. An older generation probably would not relate in the same way. Unfortunately, the crowd was lackluster, possibly because Poe didn’t play their hit until the concert was almost over. Had the band played it earlier, perhaps the crowd would have been more into it. The band tried to excite the crowd but this only worked in spurts and didn’t last. The group played about ten songs, and because they tried so hard to pump up the crowd, the concert, at times, seemed dull and boring.

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Despite the crowd, Poe did an outstanding job of singing. All the instruments and their players were sharp and on key and both put forth a flawless performance. The only problem was when it started to rain, all the instruments, speakers and synthesizers got wet and started to make screeching sounds making everyone cover their ears.

After the concert Poe signed autographs for an hour but then had to leave. Those waiting in line got angry, but the band apologized and no fights broke out. The concert, which lasted about 90 minutes, was the best you could possibly ask for, considering it was free

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