Plan a Risk Assessment for a Selected Administrative Work Environment Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Plan a Risk Assessment for a Selected Administrative Work Environment Essay

I will plan a risk assessment for a selected administrative work environment. Risk assessment is used in protecting workers and organisations like Tesco, to help them comply with the law of the state. It helps business owners to focus on the risks that really matter in the workplace; with ones that could cause potential harm. It is important to manage risks to ensure the most valuable asset is protected.


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Plan a Risk Assessment for a Selected Administrative Work Environment Essay
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There is no specific format in which a risk assessment has to be done in a workplace because it depends on the organisation itself.

Most businesses use generic risk assessment that is applicable to all risks. They might use ones for specific risks, such as fire management, or they might use one–off risk assessments.


The frequency of a risk depends on the type of risk being assessed and the severity of the risk. Employers must complete a risk assessment book for all workers working in the organisation; these identifies the risks that may last for some time, but if new working practices are introduced into the workplace, a new risk assessment will be needed.


Although there is no specific content for risk management, it is an administrative document aimed at assessing and controlling risk. Its content will need to reflect whatever it contains, it needs to identify hazards in the workplace and which staff might be harmed, and employers need to identify how the individuals might be harmed.

Hazards in the working environment

A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment. Employers as well as employees have to co-ordinate their work, so that they ensure that no-one gets hurt during the process. Most of the hazards which are mostly found in hospitals surroundings such as kitchens, food and beverage service areas and customer service areas can pose a significant threat to safety. They need to be carefully managed; this helps to maintain safety awareness in the workplace. Before commencing any work, staff must make sure that they are aware of the potential hazards and are familiar with ways of reducing any risk of harm to themselves and consumers.

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