Pink Floyd – The Wall
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Dec 18th, 2019

Pink Floyd – The Wall

“The Wall” is definitelya classic. Pink Floyd changed the way we thought about thedistinction between rock and R & B. You witness this withthe prevalent bass lines on this 1979 double-disc album thatnot only shows lyrical genius, but gives us a glimpse of thosetimes. The threat of communism was present and thoughts of theBerlin Wall and fear of bombings by the Soviet Union were allreal concerns.

“The Wall” can best bedescribed as a musical version of Expressionist art. PinkFloyd wanted to express their views on communism, prejudice,drug use and life by upsetting the listener with straining,sometimes off-key voices and instruments. This is just whatExpressionist artists did during the early twentieth centuryby contrasting color and drawing attention to the face,showing anguish and torture. Although the Cold War is over,the meaning of the songs is still relevant. The use ofExpressionism is evident in “Don’t Leave Me Now,”when a man begs his girlfriend not to leave him so he can beather.

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Pink Floyd – The Wall
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The voice is broken with a torturous hint of sarcasm. Notall songs are as upsetting.

My favorite song on thealbum, the mysterious but relaxing “ComfortablyNumb,” fully utilizes strings, from the pleasant-soundingviolins to the strong and fitting guitar solos. Even thoughthe lyrics puzzle me, they comfort with a soothingtone.

The one thing on this album I found to beexcessive, at first, was the use of keyboards. The more Ilistened, the more I got used to it and the more it fadedaway. This album also contains the famous song, “Anoth-erBrick in the Wall Part 2,” which is a great song forthose times when you are completely overloaded with homeworkand all you want to do is scream at the top of your lungs.

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