Philosophical mindset Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Philosophical mindset Essay

Philosophical mindset is the tendency to look at the clearer and broader side of events rather than the events itself. One importance of developing a philosophical mindset is on how we view life in order to be successful. Our philosophical mindset is essential because it is the foundation of our principles that will govern our outlook in life. We act, think, and make decisions based from them. As we undergo different series of events in our life, we need to dig deeper and analyze the factors underlying these events before we make sound decisions so that we can eventually achieve success.

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Philosophical mindset Essay
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The more we understand life, the more meaningful it becomes and ultimately the more we enjoy it. According to the movie The Secret, “what the mind conceives, the body achieves”. This means that everything that we achieve depends on how we perceive them based from our principles. Socrates said, “Know thyself”. Before we can develop our philosophical mindset, we have to understand first our self.

We don’t merely discover what we want and how do we want to achieve them but we look deeper into why do we want them and why do we want to achieve them that way.

In here, we try to see things not as they are but we see them based from reasons behind it. This is the reality of life. Our philosophical mindset will govern how we deal with things not as they appear but as to the reasons why they appear like that. It will lead us to the right decisions based from facts because we have to have a thorough investigation and analization before we decide on something.

This elaboration of the importance of philosophical mindset coincides with the previous post which discusses the importance of mindset in evangelism. As quoted, in the area of evangelism, philosophical mindset helps one to understand, respect, and appreciate others point of view. One verse in the bible could be understood differently by each individual depending on the experiences that they have in life. Having a philosophical mindset will let a person see the underlying factors why somebody believes that way or this way.

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