Personal Reflection Paper (Architect) Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Personal Reflection Paper (Architect) Essay

An architect is someone who is trained and educated in the planning, design , and supervision of the construction of buildings. They are involved in a variety of different things. Such as, designing houses, churches, schools, airport terminals, offices, apartments, bridges, etc. Their job includes far more than the building’s looks. They must also make sure that the buildings are strong and safe enough for people to use them. Therefore, architects must have a license before they can perform their job.

In order to obtain this license , they must have a degree in architecture, must finish an internship, and finally pass all sections of the Architect Registration Exam. The average yearly wages for architects range around $75,000. They usually work in offices, where they consult with clients and work with other architects and engineers. Many architects work more than 50 hours a week.

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Personal Reflection Paper (Architect) Essay
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My life as an architect would be busy. I would be working 50+ hours a week. Most of these hours I would spend interacting with many different types of people, including my clients and work partners.

If I got to choose the types of buildings I wanted to participate in, I would want to design houses. I would like to understand the person I am involved with and satisfying their personal needs. I want to create a home that fits the person/family nicely. I am a people person, which makes this job right for me. I also enjoy math and challenges. I want a job that challenges me to exceed another person’s desires and personal values. Creativity is also my passion and this job would help me accomplish that passion.

As an experienced architect I could make as much as $120,000. Like all jobs, your pay goes up based on how much experience you have, your references, and your ability to satisfy the customer. An entry level architect gets payed around $42,000. So there is a wide range of wages that architects could receive depending on many different factors.

Employment for architects is projected to grow 24% within the next ten years. Many current trends will demand the need for architects . As buildings and campuses age, many universities will renovate and build new facilities. There will be a higher demand for architects who have an environmentally friendly outlook. Since there is a higher demand for this occupation and many students graduating with architectural degrees, the competition for this job will also increase. The best job opportunities will be for the candidates who distinguish themselves with their creativity; This is how I would excell in my work.

However, many workers experience periods of unemployment, especially if they are self-employed because they do not have a whole company behind them. So I would probably choose to work for a company , rather than self employ myself. Overall the career of an architect seems like a good occupationally field to be involved in. Many architects are successful and proud of their jobs. I think that because of the salaries and the futures high demand for architects this career can help you a hold a stable lifestyle and economic wealth.

An architects lives a busy and adventurous life. I enjoy math, challenges, and the ability to be creative., which makes this career path right for me. The high demand for this job will allow me to get a job easily. With an average salary of $75,000 and flexibility, I can still enjoy the benefits of the job and my family life.

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