After doing this program my weaknesses and strengths become noticeable through my lecturers, and my mates. Initially, I despised my lecturer critiques, I got it individually, and I thought they were just being nasty if you ask me. After reflecting on their reviews and critiques, I can now say that I actually appreciate almost all their comments because they make me see where my shortcomings and strength are. They show me how to handle my shortcomings and improve on my talents. Inside the preceding chapters I am going to aspire to demonstrate what I have learnt, the analysis of my personal learning style and strategic plan I have devised for future essay writing.

PERSONAL Representation:

Personal reflections constitute a large part of my development learning process that happen spontaneously. I perceive article writing as a daunting task, this is the connection with most if not all students in my year. Sadly no matter how frightening we found it, it is obligatory in every part of the course as we do not stay for exams. I’ve always battled with bad sentence structure, clarity, choice of words, word count, and non-qualitative work. So often my Lecturers possessed to come back my work if you ask me and asked me to describe a statement that does not make sense to him.

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Along with challenges of choice of words and grammatical problems came other struggles. I often struggle with researching, academics writing, materials resources and referencing. Beside my imperfect writing also come the problems of footnotes, prioritising, and procrastination.

All these problems were resolved in this program. What I learned most in the course is the fact it helps me to review efficiently, enhance my researching skills. The course instructs me to adopt active part of reading, writing techniques, making use of algorithm to learn my text in any subject. Though it creates me read and learn slowly but positively. It also provides opportunity for me to connect to fellow students and facilitate group debate, which permit us to speak about that which you learn, reformulate and restructure the info. This course has also strengthened my learning style and has made me to be an ambitious learner. I’ve learned so many writing techniques and terminology in this program that i must familiarize myself with, because they are mandatory to apply them in my own future article writing. Not doing that will jeopardise my expected standard.


As you can view in the abovementioned chapters, what my writing skills are like. As unique as person so also everyone has his / her own unique learning styles and personal preferences. This course shown types of ways which students can learn and out of these modes and styles of learning it makes me identify suitable learning styles that are most appropriate for me, which are active and visible learning. To increase and bolster my learning it required me to wait lectures regularly, take notes and sophisticated them after lectures, record lectures if allowed, speak about what I learn, add diagram to notes whenever its possible, work in peer or group. These learning styles also enable me to capitalize on my power and give room for improvement on my weaknesses. This style of learning helps me to organise and take care of my time effectively, it provides me with various methods to learning, vocabulary building, researching, analytical skills, writing skills and other successful learning strategies. My using desire to stand out has plunged me into great analytical thinking, that may boost my future article writing and learning.


In another chapters I’ll aspire to display the strategic sequential steps I am applying for the completion of my level course. Approaching my studies with positive practices and perceive it as nothing at all else but a possession of head, and in other for me to succeed I have to make decision about my priorities, my time and my resources. I’ll devise an action plan for the areas I need to develop further and I am going to give more attention to reflective experience and making use of knowledge. Arrange and prioritise myself to remove distractions, knowing when I am more target and productive. Their studies at once everyday makes me establishes routine and this has become my structure and I stay away from scheduling any other activities at this time. I am going to also avoid doing too much studying at one time, stick to my tedious and follow the priorities I have establish for myself and not allowing any other interest to sidetrack me from my goal. Employing all of this will makes me more systematize, collate the notes I have considered at lectures and in research groups jointly, reformulate, and restructure them in firm method I could develop. I am going to Investigate, question what my lecturers taught me, critically view the articles and quality of the lectures as I dont want to simply accept what I was trained as what passes from my lecturer records into my notes without questioning or critically consider it or without responding. I am going to also refer to my manual, other textbook, and internet sites for assistance. I’ll also reflect about how I could relay or apply what I learn into my callings.

One of my most difficult obstacles is procrastination. This makes me attempting getting together with up with the deadline and complete my goals. After this course, I’ve started to triumph over the challenge. However, I still put some things up for later however, not approximately before.


Below will be the structures I will use for successful production of my future essays writing. High grade academic essay writing requires analytical demonstration of my knowledge and skills of this issue. I am going to analyse, dissect the topic, pre and post the questions to get an overview. I am going to interpret the question, decode the question, and explain it in my own understanding. What’s the main subject matter or content of the question, concentrate on the contents if not I’ll lose the keep track of. Highlight the content. Identify the task, as this is where I will extract my article introduction. I’ll follow the conditions, the guidelines and look for relevant resources. After doing all this I will start planning my article, commencement of my article, timing, what I have to concentrate on, what need to be included in the essay? The essential information I have to accumulate, materials needed. The next step I will take is to get started on researching, at the completion of my research, I am going to start writing an overview, organize list of points I want to make in the essay in a way it will make sense. Start drafting as it comes to my brain, collate them in right format, and check grammatical mistakes and spelling. Do additional research to strengthen the amount of words required. After doing all this then I begins writing my article in the next order.

An introduction

A main body

A conclusion

A critical evaluation

Meeting up with the deadline is very pivotal in article writing as there is specific time of handing it in, however in situation where it is difficult and strenuous I’ll talk to my lecturer because they are quite considerate plus they do usually give extension.


Having realised that there is no quick or easy way to learning. I could only achieve through stamina, hard work, being focus, immerse myself into demanding swotting, and sequentially follow my action plan. Execution of the above plan and dedication can make me achieve my goal.