“Pentatonix” by Pentatonix
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Dec 18th, 2019

“Pentatonix” by Pentatonix

Since winning NBC’s “The Sing-Off” in 2011, a capella quintet, Pentatonix, has been busy. Winning a Grammy, going on tour, posting viral YouTube videos, and having a best-selling album of 2014 – this a capella group has been working hard. With the release of their first album of original songs, Pentatonix has proven that not only can they sing, but they can write songs too.

This self-titled album features serious songs about love and relationships with tightly woven harmonies. “Water” and “Rose Gold” use vivid imagery to tell an artful story. The album also includes fun pop-like tunes with catchy hooks like “Sing” and “Cracked” that will make you want to dance and sing along.

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“Pentatonix” by Pentatonix
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The album displays the group’s vocal dexterity and ability to capture the elements of a great song. At times, you forget that this is an a capella group. In fact, the only instruments are the band members’ voices, snaps, and claps.

With samplings from various musical genres ranging from hip-hop to gospel to pop, “Pentatonix” makes all music lovers want to sing along. Many of the lyrics are deep and insightful, such as “If it’s true that legends never die/Me and you could stand the test of time” from “Rose Gold.”

Even if you don’t like a capella, this is an album to try. Pentatonix isn’t just reinventing music, they’re reinventing a capella music. And as the song “New Year’s Day” proudly proclaims, “We could be kings of the world/On top of the nation/It’s a celebration of the moments to come/The city’s on fire/We’re holding up lighters/Raising them higher and we’ve only begun.”

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