Parni Valjak – Molitva
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Dec 18th, 2019

Parni Valjak – Molitva

The new album released by Parni Valjak, a popular Croatian band, is amazing. It’s been three years since their last one, and that’s more than enough time to wait. Their new album, called “Molitva” (Prayer) has been a big success.

The album has a nice mix of fast and slow songs; there’s always a song you can play to match your mood. There are a few fast-paced songs, like “Llubavne” (Loved One), “Ivana” (a name), and “Citaj Mi Sa Usana” (Read My Lips). However, their slow songs are unbelievably beautiful. Three of the most popular are “Moi Bijeli Labude” (My White Swan), “Nemirno More” (Unpeaceful Sea), and “Dodi” (Come).

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The faster-paced songs have an energetic beat and catchy lyrics, of which you never seem to get tired, no matter how often you listen to them. The slower, softer songs have beautiful lyrics, and deep meanings, if you read between the lines.

The guitar is heard a lot in the fast as well as in their slower songs. The piano is also often used. The lead singer has a low, sexy voice, though it can sometimes get loud, which adds to the great overall sound.

This album is really worth buying because there is something in it for almost everyone. Even if you don’t understand what they’re saying, the music itself will make up for it. I would recommend it for anyone looking to buy a new album.

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