Paradise Lost
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Dec 18th, 2019

Paradise Lost

A study on John Milton’s historical poem Paradise Lost.

This paper examines the epic tale, Paradise Lost, by John Milton. The paper discusses the role of the invocation of the muses in the poem, and how Milton’s own voice, told through these muses helps define the theme, structure, imagery, and patterns of the tale. The author describes that Milton is using the technique of metaphor to illuminate the process of transition between the pagan and Christian cultures.
“Born in London in 1608, John Milton wrote “Paradise Lost” in 1667, after he had gone completely blind. It was the first epic poem written in the English language, and has continued to be a popular and enduring masterpiece. Even Milton’s early works demonstrated his strong devotion to God and his Protestant religion. He fervently hoped those who read his poem would become better Christians by renewing their faith and understanding of the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

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Paradise Lost
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