Outside by Staind
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Dec 18th, 2019

Outside by Staind

My view on modern music is much the same as my views on life: cynical. So rarely will I find myself listening to the stylings of Iggy Azalea, or the next hackneyed pop sensation. I typically indulge in the 90’s grunge era, or the early 2000’s alt revolution. Staind has always been one of my favorites due to their eclectic style. Their breakthrough album “Break The Cycle” proved this with their mix of soft rock with heavier guitar. Coupled with Aaron Lewis’ hard hitting vocals and passion; Staind unknowingly filled a musical niche for those like me.

Outside quickly sets itself apart with a few simple chords followed by Lewis’ melodic voice. Lewis sings of the depression following his arduous breakup, talking of begging for her back in vain. The chorus deals with the self awareness and subsequent realization that they both are infact, abhorrent individuals. Lewis not only sees the inner repulsiveness of his former partner, but also its inherence in himself.

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Outside by Staind
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This theme repeats until the final verse. In that verse, Lewis begins to cope positively. Explaining how much the it affected him yet, he understands he will get better. At the time he fails to improve but he is left with the hope for a better tomorrow. After that, the chorus plays and fades out in the same somber tone the song follows.

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