Many people may view this as one of the most exciting college essays to write. But you have to know that the excitement that comes with the vacation is not the same when you write an essay about it. This is still an academic exercise and will come with the feel and hectic nature of a similar exercise. Now, there are many people who had great experiences during their summer vacations, but due to one thing or the other, may not be able to put down their summer vacation essay in a well-written formula. If you are among those who do not have the time for such essays, or that you don’t know how to articulate your experiences into a good essay, come and get our essay about summer vacation sample. Yes, we can write the entire essay for you if you like, though you may have to furnish us with some useful information about your vacation. We may also serve as a guide to you while you write your essay so that you will come out with something very good. But we may not necessarily do the writing for you. We can help in offering you tutorials on how to write the 500 word essay about your summer vacation. In the same vein, we can offer templates and examples that you will look at and come up with your own essay on summer vacation. The experience is yours, so you will articulate it well if you follow our instructions.

Apart from writing the essay for you and helping you with instructions, so that you can come up with a good essay, we can also offer other services like the provision of topics, writing of proposals, introductions, conclusions and others. We also offer other things like book report, book analysis and many others. One of the most important things about your summer vacation essay is the essay format. Yes, your vacation essay will be graded according to the points you made in the essay, the way you used your English language while writing the essay and the thesis format. If you buy the essay from us, you will get an essay that is written with the best format. We make use of the standard approved format for your summer vacation essay. If you are a literature student in college and your summer vacation happens to be the subject of your dissertation, then you don’t have any problem. We will provide you with the essay, depending on the style of writing that your lecturer wants. We can do mla essay format, APA essay format, ASA essay format, Turabian essay format and all others for you.

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Summer vacation essay writing tips

Now, the first step in writing this essay is to jot down the major things about your experience. You will need to jot down about four to five important points, facts or events upon which your summer vacation essay will be centered. Some of the things that may make the list of the core points include the weather condition of the period of the vacation. The town where the vacation was spent and other significant things about it are also essential. You should also look at individuals that made the vacation special for you. You may encounter difficulties choosing the topic for your summer vacation essay. However, some of the prompts we will mention below will help you to come out with a good title. You may decide to write about why you will never go back to that place and here; you should explain both the positive and negative aspects of the holiday and indicate the things that will make you not to go back. You can also decide to label it around something that drove you crazy throughout the period of the vacation. You may also want to center your essay on traveling to the city then and now. Your vacation essay may be tagged, why you should travel to the city with your mobile phone, why you should not travel with your dog or pets, why you don’t need any distractions or why you must travel with your loved ones, etc. Many people always tend to think about huge and extraordinary things that happened during the summer vacation. Now, it is always good for you to write the essay from true experience because this will make it more natural and passionate. You may focus your summer vacation essay on a movie that kept you busy throughout the period, or a visit to your mother’s parents in the suburbs. If there are things you enjoyed with your family, talk about these without exposing the family secrets.

Now, when you are writing this essay, one thing you should do is to forget about prompts and organization. You have to write the story as it occurs to your mind first. It is only after writing that you can come and amend the story to align with the prompts. If you start thinking about the prompts from the onset, you will not tell a good story. We offer great essays in this regard. Now, a summer vacation essay is only regarded as being great when it is original, coherent, properly formatted and top notch in quality, just like all our case study examples. You have to ensure that you tell about the difference between your experience and those of others that have gone on vacation in the same place. Let your essay not be shallow in content. Ensure that you explain to the readers about the things you learnt from the summer vacation and how it has made you a better person. When it is time to close your essay, give it a very great and memorable wrap. Meanwhile, this should be of the 5 paragraph essay structure, with an introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

  • Your topic should be a vehicle through which you convey your story, so you should begin with the end of the essay in mind.
  • You must write from your heart and not from your head, so that your juice of creativity will flow out for all to lick.