The Osborn-Parnes Model is a method that helps people come up with cutting edge ideas and then to take action on those ideas. “There are many economic and technical forces that are driving an organization to be innovative” (Hughes, 2003). Encouraging innovation that solves problems is what Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes have identified and broken down into three stages.

The first stage is to Explore the Challenge. This can be a goal or an objective that opens the door to determine a need for innovation.

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In the exploration process, there is a step of fact finding to gather data. By putting all of the cards on the table to determine who is involved, what resources are involved, when, where, and why it is important, the problem will be clarified. All of this data is reviewed and taken into consideration to review the objective and begin the innovation process.

The second stage of the Osborn-Parnes Modle is to generate ideas. This is not a brainstorming session without boundaries, this is where ideas considered are possible solutions.

By stretching and making connections, different combinations could present completely new innovative solutions.

The third and final stage of the Osborn-Parnes Model is to prepare for action and the steps in which to implement the innovations. The best ideas are considered to solving the initial problem before it becomes the solution. After selecting and strengthening potential solutions, there needs to be a plan for action. This starts with determining who is involved, what needs to be done by when, and what resources need to be considered. This is how leaders make an active effort to “”brainstorm to generate a quantity of ideas while deferring judgement (and) encourage playful and wild ideas (to) stretch beyond the obvious” (Giangreco, 1993).