Operation & Production Management Exam Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Operation & Production Management Exam Essay

What is operation management? What is the role of the Operation Manager?

Set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs.

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Operation & Production Management Exam Essay
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The role of an operation manager is to design and manage the daily operations and activities in a way that the productivity of the employees raises. It is also their responsibility to ensure that the physical and the human resources of the organization are achieved. He also ensures that the organization produces quality and goods and services are produced on time to meet the client’s time or deadline.

1. What are the 10 critical decisions an operations manager can make?

Design of goods and services
Quality Management
Process Design
Capacity Design
Location Strategy
Layout Design
Supply-Chain Management
Inventory Management
Intermediate and Shot-term scheduling

2. What is the difference between a product and a service?

Products are tangible and services are intangible services are normally produced and consumed at the same time services are often unique services have inconsistent product definition

3. What is a system? Draw a process?
A system can be broadly defined as an integrated set of elements that accomplish a defined objective. It is a dynamic and complex whole, interacting as a structured functional unit.

4. What is productivity? Why is it important for an operations manager to calculate productivity? Productivity is the performance measure relating outputs to inputs: Measurement of units produced, labor hours per unit, number of workers. The cost of labor, the cost of material, machine hours, etc.

It is important for an operation manager to calculate productivity to determine the outputs for time period and to determine the cost of inputs to get determine the productivity rate by dividing the number of outputs by input to ultimately make most of the inputs and maximize output.

5. Create a life cycle for a Product?
I have found 2 answers in relevance to this question I will provide them both please mark the relevant.

1- Concept phase: concept design
ATV All Terrain Vehicle
2- Definition phase: system specification and planning
Dual purpose Sport/Utility ATV with an engine of 750cc
3- Design and development phase: detailed design, prototyping and development testing Modern style exterior with lightweight and strong material covering body parts. 4- Creation and production phase: manufacturing, tooling, testing and accepting Building the atv with quality control and testing for any defaults or malfunctions regarding safety. 5- Operation: Implementing, operation & Maintenance.

Introduction Phase:
The introduction phase is when the public first sees or hears about a product. The product appears in stores for the first time, and people start seeing print and television ads High resolution TV

Growth Phase:

The growth phase is when sales and profits for the new product start rising. A company will usually keep product prices about the same during the growth stage to maximize earnings. Product quality is also maintained. Millions of sales around the world

Maturity Stage:

Success inevitably leads to increased competition. Other companies eventually will start introducing similar products, especially if the initial product is highly successful. Consequently, the demand for the product and its competitors will peak at some point. Many brands start making hdmi tvs

Decline Stage:

Demand for the product will eventually wane as newer technologies are introduced. Hence, companies can either maintain the product, sell it at heavily reduced prices or discontinue the product. New Smart 3d/tv that include hdmi gets introduced and declines hdmi tvs

6. What is quality? What is the role of quality in an organism operation?

Quality has various definitions depending on the point of view it is judged from, it is mostly the customer that has the most say about if the product or service has a excellent, good or bad quality. A producer’s aim is to design for excellence but it is easier said than done. In general quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. The features and characteristics include; durability and endurance, design by appearance, value for price, performance etc.

Quality plays a role in an organism operation, only some companies and corporations give it more importance. Successful operation organisms set up a quality management from beginning to end that include the organizational processes such as quality control to ensure meeting standards and processes that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities.

7. Explain the impact of culture on international operations

A challenge of doing operations internationally is to adapt effectively to different cultures. Such adaptation requires an understanding of cultural diversity, perception and values. Culture can have positive impact on expansion or negative impact on international operations if ends don’t meet their respective expectations.

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