Ocean Eyes by Owl City
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Dec 18th, 2019

Ocean Eyes by Owl City

Want to go to a whole different world or go on an adventure? If so Owl City’s music is just the thing you need. The lyrics of Owl City’s music are very creative and take you different places. His music can always put you in a good mood at any time. Adam Young is Owl City. Some people think it’s a band made up of many people but it’s really one guy with his synthesizers creating great music.
Owl City’s music style is Electronica. Electronica is pretty much like techno. Most of the songs on his CD “Ocean Eyes” want to make you get up and dance. Owl City writes all of his songs himself. Adam Young himself said he has trouble sleeping at night so when he can’t sleep he writes songs. The songs are always about happy things. He writes about nature, love, and things that gets your imagination running.

Unlike a lot of other artists, Owl City is appropriate for all ages. Owl City became big when his first hit came out called “Fireflies”! Everyone became in love with this song, even the people who doesn’t like this kind of music. His second hit was called “hello Seattle” which many people also loved.

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Adam Young wasn’t called Owl City at first. He had a band with some friends and it was called “The Sky Sailing”. After Owl City’s CD “Ocean Eyes” came out, he had a CD with some Sky Sailing songs. None of the songs were played on the radio as hits but people still enjoyed it. The Sky Sailing isn’t the exact same music style as Owl City. The Sky Sailing was more of an acoustic feel. Besides Owl City, Adam Young produces another band called “Swimming with Dolphins”. Swimming with Dolphins is also Electronica and is the same as Owl City.
Again Owl City’s CD “Ocean Eyes” is a perfect CD to get. Owl City’s other albums are also great to get to. All the songs will leave you in shock, happiness, and with a great imagination. No matter what age you won’t be disappointed.

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