Obliteration by Entrails
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Dec 18th, 2019

Obliteration by Entrails

Into the death metal we go for this one. While I don’t expect you to know Entails all too well, this is actually the first that heard of them as well, if you like Swedish death metal like Entombed or Bloodbath you may enjoy this band and this album here. The history of Entrails goes as far back as 1990 where they recorded stuff for like, eight years, left for ten years because they found their stuff was going nowhere but then reunited in 2008 to which they released their first album soon after. You may also notice a striking similarity between these guys and Entombed which is explainable for two reasons. One is because they,began at around the same time as Entombed and two, because they have alot of influence on them.
So about Obliteration, this is an album that can contain lots of twists and turns and pull things you would never expect a death metal band, especially something more oldschool, to ever do.

Not to say that’s bad, quite the opposite in fact because they want to make their own brand of Swedish death metal and accomplished that pretty easily…with some help from Dan Swano at some point in their career. Unlike many other death metal bands, they go for more brutal melody and groove than straight up whiplashes. The vocals on this album is certainly fitting in the music pretty well with what sounds like a Deicide or Death vocals to something that sounds like screaming agony and suffering. That’s fine and dandy and they find the perfect place to record both vocal types almost flawlessly. Also, just take a look at the album cover. The cover screams “screwing the world over” which is exactly what this album does and like I’ve mentioned, almost flawlessly.
I give this an 8.5/10. I an the Grim Reaper,

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Obliteration by Entrails
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