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Dec 18th, 2019


Overthe summer, I saw *NSYNC in concert for the second time duringtheir sold-out “Boys Of Summer Tour.” The arena waspacked with thousands of fans of all ages chanting and holdingup homemade signs covered with the band’s photos and messagesto them.

Jordan Knight was one of the opening acts. Hewas fantastic, but I was waiting for Chris, JC, Joey, Justinand Lance (*NSYNC).

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All of a sudden, I heard the soundof helicopters all around. *NSYNC really knows how to make anentrance; they descended from the arena ceiling onto the stageand jumped into a rendition of “I Want You Back.”They went on to other songs from their album and didn’t letanyone down with their fantastic performances.

*NSYNCmade sure everyone felt included; fans swayed, clapped,screamed and sang at *NSYNC’s invitation. The boys gave theconcert scene a whole new experience; they even shared theirrenditions of songs from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, including”That Thing You Do” and “Celebrate GoodTimes,” which Joey sang by himself.

Since Justin and JCsing most of the solos, it was great to see Joeysing.

Between costume changes, the European-onlyreleased video, “U Drive Me Crazy,” played on thebig screen. In this video, *NSYNC appear in costume as theJackson Five.

The entire concert was a greatexperience, but *NSYNC definitely saved the best for last.During their performance of “Sailing,” they sailedover the crowd. *NSYNC had flown on their last tour, but thistime I was closer. They were dressed all in white and lookedlike angels gliding through the air. Justin especiallythrilled the crowd with his somersaults. They then performed acrowd-pleasing extended version of “Tearin’ Up MyHeart” and flew over the crowd again to say good-bye.

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