Nightwish by Dark Passion Play
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Dec 18th, 2019

Nightwish by Dark Passion Play

Nightwish is a special case when it comes to Symphonic bands and for that I shall talk about a band that isn’t too terribly popular in America. Dark Passion Play includes some of my favorite songs ever in metal history. And they have a new singer, as well as getting out of there opera style. The band is Finnish but I come from a European tree so I know I’ll like this band. Track List, Poet And The Pendulum, love this song. This is 14 minutes long but is amazing nonetheless. Bye Bye Beautiful, This ought to be one the first songs alot of Nightwish fans came across. For me it is the same case, though I don’t like as much as I did when I did come across it. Still it is all good and gives Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life a run for there money. Amaranth, again same thing as Bye Bye Beautiful, not as good now.

but I do like this song and it is SO CATCHY. Cadence of Her Last Breath. This is a song that I can say is a boatload of fun to listen to. As well as better than Bye Bye Beautiful. Master Passion Greed, a week son and has harmonics singer, Marco take lead here. Eva, I just can’t get into this song. I don’t like it, IDK why either maybe I like really heavy stuff and nothing more, yep that is it. Sahara, a desert like song here, and it is AWESOME. This song is so good it could Iron Maiden’s The Nomad a competition. One of my favorites too. Whoever Brings The Night, a heavy song here and a pretty darn good one too. It’s short and gets to the point. For The Heart I Once Had, more of a melodic song here and while it it’s great it isn’t perfect by any means. Though, it does put great smile on my face. The Islander, a more Celtic song and not bad either. Again, it can put any song TO SHAME, specifically, Eluveitie’s Alesia and A Rose For Epona. Last of the Wilds can put many instrumentals to shame. Namely, ANY Metallica instrumental. 7 Days of The Wolves, this is my FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM! Enough said. the last song is Meadows Of Heaven which is a nice long ballad that is probably the saddest song in the album. This song lets you know it is over. Rating 9.5/10

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Nightwish by Dark Passion Play
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