Netball Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Netball Essay

In this unit I have learnt about how to play netball and learn about all of its different positions in the game. The Defensive positions are Goal keeper (GK), Goal Defence (GD) and Wing Defence (WD). The attacking positions are Wing Attack (WA), Goal Attack (GA), Goal Shooter (GS) and then there is centre (C). * What type of feedback have you received and how has this impacted on your performance? The feedback that I was given during the netball course is that I had to work on my technique of the game as I didn’t entirely understand the game very well as I started, but I now know the majority of the rules and I can now play a successful game of netball.

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* What aspects of your performance do you need to develop? The aspects of my performance I need to develop is more of the running and the aerobic part of netball, as I get tyred quite easily and my muscles fatigue easily.

* How are you going to improve on these things? Why is this the best way to do this? I think I’m going to improve on this if went for a run more often, it will make my body used to the aerobic parts of netball and I’ll be used to running. * What have you felt has been the most beneficial to your learning? Why do you think this is the case? The things that I think has been more beneficial is the exercise that I don’t usually get and just the ability of knowing how to play the game of netball.

* What has been the most effective practice for your development (skill drill, modified games, full games)? Why do you think this is the case? I think the most effective type of practice are the skill drills because it is just easy to get the group together and go and tell them to go off and practice attacking the ball with a group of 3 or 4. * What has impacted on your learning (other people, your strengths, illness etc.) The impacts I’ve come across is getting sore knees and calf muscles as they get used the most by stopping and starting all of the time in this game. * What have been your strengths throughout the unit?

The strengths that I had throughout this unit would have to be the catching and passing. * Any other relevant information. Other relevant information would be that it was a non-regretting experience as I like trying new sports and to have fun also I found it helped with a bit more exercise that is well needed.

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