My Everything by Ariana Grande
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Dec 18th, 2019

My Everything by Ariana Grande

When “My Everything” by Ariana Grande was released online, I grabbed all the songs like an eager little girl in a candy store. An evolution from her previous album, “Yours Truly,” it is a delightful mix of dancey club tracks, string-soaked and piano-drenched ballads, and sassy, fresh R&B tracks that will stick in your head like Superglue.

The vocals are the highlight. From breathy riffs and sugary-sweet harmonies to sexy, smooth vocal runs, you will be in awe. This girl can sing. Her voice oozes pure talent and class, beginning with the first track, “Intro.” It’s like honey, flowing effortlessly and leaving a sweet taste. The album’s tone is set perfectly.

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I love that Grande showcases her lower range in songs like “One More Time.” These lower tones are beautiful and resonant, further proving her vocal skill.

“Why Try,” with its marching drumbeat, balances low verses with explosions into a powerful, high chorus.

This track instantly gets an A. The lyrics are also significantly better than songs like “Break Free.” The latter is fun, clubby, and upbeat, but its grammatically incorrect lyrics (“I’ve become who I really are”) just end up annoying me.

I adore “Best Mistake” featuring Big Sean. There’s something really dark and intriguing about it. It makes me feel like I’m staring out the window at 2 a.m., sipping black coffee with a restless heart.

“Be My Baby” featuring Cashmere Cat is one of my favorites. Grande should have released this as a single; it has serious oomph. It’s a sexy R&B throwback with spiced-up vocals and production. And gosh, it’s catchy. The harmonies are vivacious, and the chords are bursting with pizazz.

Another favorite is “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd. If you blast this in the car, you will feel alive. The beat and The Weeknd’s contribution are stellar. And the sensual lyrics? Whoa. They only add to the fabulous vibe. This song is on fire.

Apparently, Harry Styles wrote “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.” To be honest, the lyrics are plain and stiflingly simple, and the topic (settling for a cheating man?) isn’t the best. But the gorgeous strings and the piano’s consistent presence mold this track into one of those syrupy ballads you listen to with chocolate, ice cream, or both. It’s sweet, it’s pretty, and you’ll forgive the excessive repetition. Also, Grande totally kills it, injecting emotion and depth into threadbare lyrics.

“Hands on Me” featuring A$AP Ferg is the most risque track by far. Grande’s seductive lyrics and vocals light it up, and the rap ties it all together. This is one of my least favorite songs, though. I find it vulgar, like something simply made for club dancing. Personally, I just can’t take songs that are so blatantly sexual.

“My Everything” is a track that has been on repeat for me since I first heard it. It’s utterly beautiful. Lyrically, it’s mature and melancholic, with more depth than other songs, and the melody fits Grande’s voice like a silk glove. The ballad flows wonderfully and may move you to tears. And those pretty riffs will leave you speechless. I am in awe at the way Grande breathes life into this song.

The production on “My Everything” is spectacular, period. When I was done listening, I felt like I’d taken a complex artistic journey on the Ariana Express. This album will succeed in cementing Grande’s top place in the music industry.

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