Nowadays, we can see just how many Mexicans move to the United States of America looking for a better life. It really is a reality in the US just how many gardeners, housekeepers, waitresses, and cashiers are Mexican individuals. Many times we see that Mexican women that work as housekeepers on American homes, are constantly socializing with the kids and people that reside in the homes they will work in. Children normally research to people who encompass them, and imitate their activities by learning from them. Even if the housekeeper weren’t Mexican, kids would naturally study from what they see and study from them. In the case of the movie “Spanglish”, the housekeeper, Flor, is a Mexican, and throughout the movie we can see how the two American children that reside in the home she works in, are slowly but surely learning from her regarding her worth. They begin to choose them and suggest to them in their lives. It has influenced the American culture because of the evident combination of cultures that comes along with Mexicans living and working in america. Children will be the ones who’ll operate and deal with the country, plus they grow up increased, partly, by these Mexican women, so that it is clear that this will impact just how societies live on the US, as well as in their culture.

After seeing the movie “Spanglish”, review it, and reading books about Mexicans in the United States; their purposes and effects on the American population, the conclusion of the extended essay is the fact that even though Mexicans aren’t fundamental in the development and development of an American family, they work together a whole lot with them that they become a part of their lives, and unconsciously learn from them, and this little by little changes America’s culture.

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This extended article pretends to analyze the movie “Spanglish” (2004) from director and copy writer James L. Brooks, to show the affect in North american children when they socialize with Mexicans when they move to the United States of America looking for better opportunities and a better life-style, especially Mexican female. This movie is about how Flor Moreno moves in with the Clasky’s family and brings along her little princess, Cristina, with her. Flor works as a housekeeper for the family, and as soon as they started coping with the Clasky’s, they start having troubles with words, the distinctions in their beliefs, and their civilizations.

For that reason, the question that this extended essay desires to answer is How exactly does the movie “Spanglish” shows the impact in American individuals when Mexicans move to live and work in American societies?

Concentrating in reaching the impact in the American individuals’ principles when they live and socialize with Mexicans. This may be done by researching in books about Mexicans in the USA and examining the movie “Spanglish”, concentrating on the result that families have by interacting with Mexican working women.

As a young, Mexican girl who lives in a boundary city next to america, I start to see the results that American family members have by interacting so much with Mexicans. Therefore, my target is to research to what extend does indeed this happen, specially with Mexican female and American family members. The movie “Spanglish” shows an example of how this happens. Throughout the essay, I’ll compare the American family’s beliefs when they are constantly socializing with a Mexican woman, so when they aren’t.


When Mexicans go to the USA, they most likely want to achieve the “American Goal”. California offers opportunities to this people that can’t be offered anywhere else. The “California Goal” includes several factors, for example, the Platinum Rush, and its own continue legacy of easy money and destroyed expectations, the sense of autonomy which came from an over night development, years prior to the evolving frontier, the types of men and women who arrived, and that they helped bring along. California symbolizes the expectation of better work, better incomes, and overall a better life. Within the movie Spanglish, Flor Moreno and her princess move to SEATTLE. Initially they resided for six years in a town that was not that not the same as their house in Mexico. Flor functioned two careers paying a total of 450 dollars weekly. They resided with one of their cousins.

Normally, in California, most Hispanics are in the southern area of the state. In LA, Mexicans are focused in the eastern area of the city. Linguistically and culturally these barrios give cohesion and security to Hispanic immigrants who keep residing in the barrio mainly for monetary reasons. In stated such as California, Hispanic children and youth are the most significant minority population. In such a talk about, Hispanics constitute about 19 percent of the population. These patterns are a representation of the history of these says where Mexicans were the first settlers and have emigrated in good sized quantities. When Flor and Cristina Moreno (her child) first move to L. A, the lived in another of these barrios, and everything looked like so alike from what they were used to in Mexico. The folks there spoke Spanish, Flor was able to use things she recognized how to do, like laundry, and Cristina could play with kids her time that originated from the same root base as her. Living in concentrated areas really helps to preserve their native culture.

Traditional values such as baptisms, marriages, confirmations, are opportunities to revitalize cultural and ethnic customs and values. Hispanics in america keep their original identities and ethnic habits of living, making Hispanic a distinctive and unique ethnic group in america and, although they may well not adopt other ethnic and linguistic characteristics, they keep doing those patterns that identify them as Dominicans, Colombians, [and in this case], Mexicans, rather than simply Hispanics.

Hispanics are a human population in need of financial resources. They have problems with a variety of economic and cultural problems such as unemployment, poor real estate, and inadequate health care, among others. This is not exactly the circumstance of Flor and her little princess, but they do need more income than what they were making. That’s exactly the reason why Flor accepts to work with the Clasky family when she was wanted to.

It is important to know this content of the movie for a whole comprehension of how the American culture becomes afflicted by Mexicans working in their country. When Flor first enter into the Clasky’s house, she actually is amazed by everything that she considers since it is completely different from the barrio where she lives. She has an interview with Deborah Clasky, the girl of the house. She fails. She loves to make a great deal of exercise and shows an extremely anxious attitude towards everything. She introduces her girl, Bernice, and his child, Georgie, to Flor and her cousin, who had followed her for the interview. They also meet Deborah’s mother, Evelyn, who seems to be the only one who really understands her anxious daughter. Deborah instructs Flor that she actually is perfect for the work. Then she finds out that she doesn’t speak any British, but decides which it wouldn’t be considered a problem.

Flor thanks her and leaves the house. Throughout the whole movie, she always shows to get good values.

Feminism is main vales that we can review from Flor. When she tells Cristina that she acquired the job, each goes out for supper to observe. While being in the restaurant, two men invite her some drinks. This action really offended Flor and asks the waitress to tell the men that she wishes those to be respectful, and have them to note that she actually is with her little princess and that taking those drinks will be a bad example on her behalf child. This also shows that she is a very proud person.

The Clasky family seems to have a set of worth of their own. John Clasky is a fantastic chef who implies that he is respectful, caring, and a gentleman. He often offers to start the entranceway to Flor, and always thanks her for the things she does. There’s a landscape in the movie where Deborah purchases some clothes to Bernice, but she purposely bought them a size smaller than what she is really, with the objective of earning her girl loose weight. This makes Bernice cry and get furious with her mom for making her feel overweight. John and Flor were concerned about Bernice’s self-confidence after how Deborah got cured her, even though she said it was the best on her behalf. Flor determines to steel those new clothes for a nights and fix them, so that they were bigger and they fit Bernice. This shows how kind, understanding, and good Flor was, because she have this opt to Bernice even though she had just found her, and even though she needed the clothes without permission, her motives where never to keep them.

We can see throughout the movie that Flor never let us Cristina disobey her or be rude with her. She commands respect whatsoever time, which is something that you can view in Mexican cultures very often. Moms tell with their daughters that they must be respectful and also to never question any order that they give with their children. When Flor was initially trying to learn British, she was duplicating some sentences that she wanted to say in that words, and Cristina starts off laughing at her. This made Flor convert and appearance at her princess boldly and fiercely. Cristina knew immediately that she acquired to avoid laughing, therefore she have.

After that, we can see in Cristina’s face that she seems guilty about what she does, because those are her ideals, and that’s the way in which she has always been educated.

Later on in the movie, we can easily see how Bernice gets angry with her mother because she noticed that she normally lies to everyone to get what she desires or that she will things that she knows are wrong and she is situated to escape with it. In a number of events, we can tell by Bernice’s cosmetic expressions that she cannot think that her mother does that, but she retains quiet and doesn’t raise the voice to her mother, whereas at the beginning of the movie, she does endure her mother, she actually is rude, and she embarrass her. This shows that throughout the movie, Bernice observes the behavior of Cristina towards Flor and imitates those activities showing good conduct, which is definitely not to make her mom happy, but she discovers that those are good ideals that simply make her a better person.

Cristina has her own beliefs, which were learned from her mom. When they accompany the Clasky’s to their house in Malibu, she explains to the family that she actually is excited to be there and then she thanks a lot them, probably more times than what were really necessary. This implies that she’s a need to make people know what she actually is thankful for. She needs showing her understanding and gratitude to the family for supplying her the honor of staying with them. The Clasky’s seem very surprised and astonished by this, because normally, their kids aren’t like this, plus they don’t seem to learn a lot of folks as thankful as she is, because if indeed they do, they wouldn’t be so amazed, and it wouldn’t have triggered that much impact in them. However, in the last scenes we can see that both, Bernice and Georgie choose many of the ideals that they constantly saw on Flor and Cristina. For example, we can easily see that Georgie becomes a thankful person, and thanked his grandmother, his father, and his mom for things they do for him, even if they’re as simple as bringing him food, or reading reports for him.

There is another area of the movie where John asks his two kids and Cristina to consider a specific kind of shells and rocks by the sea. Bernice and Georgie didn’t like the overall game, so they went on and used a ball. On the contrary, Cristina does the job that John asked her.

The incentive that these were going to get for locating the rocks was money. John gave a certain value to different types of rocks and shells, depending of the size and shape. Cristina spend the complete day looking for the coffee lover throughout the beach, which made her find the sufficient amount of stones to impose John with about 500 us dollars, which he accepts to pay, because he says that that was what he had promised, and even though she said it was ok and that he didn’t really needed to pay, he placed his assurance and paid. This shows how Cristina has discovered that when someone offers employment with an financial reward, she must do it, and this she should be paid for her hard work, dedication, and bargain for the work. She’s seen that all her life, looking at how her mother was a hard worker and honest woman which she was always compensated with money that allowed them to live. And not only her mom, but her mother’s relatives and buddies performed the same. In this movie, when we see Mexican women workers in LA, we can observe that they typically receive the jobs of house cleaning, laundry business, or they have got small store departments where they are doing hair and fingernails or toenails.

Another pair of values that people can easily see in Flor is dignity and the courage to remain sane. When Deborah will take Cristina to fix her wild hair and shop, Flor gets really uneasy, anxious, and furious, due to the fact that Deborah still left her an email having said that that she was literally steeling her child for per day. Flor feels like crying the whole day, but when John enters the same room that she is in, she collects the courage showing sanity and calmness, even though she seems very different. She does indeed this because she wants to keep her dignity, and she feels as though nobody can see her cry without them thinking that she is weakened, and she would never let John notice that. She always presents herself as a strong and independent girl.

Dignity and courage is something we don’t really see in with the Clasky family. However, at the stopping of the movie, this changes.

One of the previous things that happen in the film is the fact that Deborah instructs John that she’s been having an affair with another man. This required a great amount of courage from her because she wanted to keep it a magic formula, but she understood that it was extremely wrong and decided to notify John. What really made her take that decision was that her mom, Evelyn, talked to her about this issue. Evelyn explains to her that John was a great man which she would never find another man like him. Deborah realizes how Flor is usually treating John, that was in a very respectful manner, and she notices how Flor is always defending and fighting with each other for what she considers is right, which can have inspire Deborah to be honest. Here we can see how this Mexican woman not only influenced the American children with whom she was now living, but also the people.

Another exemplory case of this is when John listens to the news his wife just offered him and decides to go out to think exclusively. This shows dignity, because in a certain way he made himself be reputed by Deborah when he leaves, because if he’d have stayed there with her, he would have shown no respect for himself, since he’d show a careless habit. Before in the movie, John and Flor take a walk by the beach, and John indicates to her that she makes him want to be a better man, by sharing with her that she is a very good person that, in a certain way, she inspires other people to be as effective as her.

During the time frame in the film that Deborah can take Cristina with her, the lady thanks a lot Deborah for everything, and she tells her that she is the most beautiful white female that she has ever known. Deborah needs this as a huge go with, and she thanks a lot Cristina for her company, because you can inform by Deborah’s reaction that she and her little girl didn’t really went shopping and doing things jointly. When they keep coming back, Evelyn, the grandmother, says Deborah that she can’t take somebody else’s daughter and try to escape just how she have, which just made Deborah very upset. This now shows us the worth of Evelyn. She understands that what Deborah have is not right, not in Los Angeles, not in Mexico, or anywhere else.

Evelyn shows a great amount of understanding and concern for Flor, because she understands how humble and respectful she actually is towards everybody, and she understands it is not fair that Deborah responded in a totally different way. During the movie, she also bless you Flor for never judging her even though she functions weird sometimes and then she kisses her on the cheek, displaying the value of appreciation.

Later on, Deborah justifies her activities by informing John that she just required Cristina to feel welcome, which ultimately shows that she’s sympathy for the kid, but also shows how disrespectful and inconsiderate she actually is towards Flor, and exactly how she cares no more than Cristina.

That is also incorrect because she has a girl of her own who’s feeling unhappy by discovering how her mom has fun with a person else’s daughter, and when Bernice talks about how much fun her mommy and Cristina has without her, she feels really unhappy and disappointed.

Efforts have been designed to make an effort to melt Hispanic immigrants into the American society with them acquire American principles and customs and instructing them English at the trouble of their own culture and terms. This is represented in the movie when Deborah insists over and over that Cristina should go to the same college as her little girl. She says it is the best option for her, and this she might even get a scholarship or grant. Flor admits to John that she actually is reluctant that Cristina would lose her prices and culture if she enters that university, because she acquired seen it with other’s children.

Hispanic children and children aren’t a homogeneous socioeconomic and educational group. Mexicans have the cheapest educational attainment. A substantial percentage of Hispanic children and youth share the Spanish language and Hispanic ethnicities. Language, religious values, family framework and general traditions are increased among Hispanics.

There is a common denominator of Hispanic culture, especially in the same Hispanic socioeconomic course. Hispanic children have a broad range of dialect characteristics and need that impact upon their development. For example, Cristina has to languages, Spanish and British. This helps her develop in the way that she can converse in both languages with no trouble, and while living in the United States, this is a huge advantage for her.

Cristina explains to John that their family is Catholics; therefore, they are incredibly familiar with guilt. Flor thought guilty after arguing with John about how precisely Deborah had taken Cristina without her agreement. She felt this way because she understands that she actually is working for them and she should be respectful, and she also seems guilty when she recognize that she was being hypocrite for arguing about how exactly Deborah shouldn’t get involve with Cristina’s personal life, but Flor does a similar thing with Bernice when she fixed her clothes previously in the movie. This shows how they do carry their prices and religious values anywhere each goes. After Flor apologizes to be rude to John Clasky, he follows her example and apologizes again; amazed by the circumstances he’s in. He can’t believe Flor apologized, and he sees that as an action of good manners and decides to do the same, influenced by the values that Flor shows.

Another interesting fact that the movie shows, is that Deborah, an American woman, stays on at home and pieces the kids, while Flor, a Mexican girl in america, is found working all the time, even if she doesn’t know the English Language. Researches have shown that only 8. 8 percent of Mexican women have English language proficiency. Despite this, Flor works more than Deborah, even if she has problems with communicating due to language.

The employments and economical opportunities of Mexican workers have been constrained since the annexation of north Mexico by america after the United Expresses- Mexico conflict of 1846-1848 reformulates the labor market segmentation model, presenting competition – ethnicity a central target. Mexicans’ school position integrally bound to the status of their racial – cultural identities. That is, Mexican ethnicity became synonymous with cheap labor and lower class position as Mexicans became integrated into subordinate sections of the work force. Flor and her cousin, who is also a Mexican employed in Los Angeles, are seen in the movie as less class status. We are able to see this when they show the home they reside in, which is not in the best conditions, and nowhere as large as the Clasky’s house. We are able to also see this in the manner they decorate. Flor and her child are wearing common simple clothes, while Deborah is definitely using at least some kind of earrings and expensive dresses. And lastly, we can also see that while John is an important chef, known as you of “the best chefs in America”, Flor is his housekeeper, which displays a certain degree of inferiority.

Flor shows more beliefs when she is understanding how to speak the English language. She buys an application she noticed on television which has CD’s, a Movie, books, etc. , which can only help her with her English.

She techniques during her working time, and in her free time. Sometimes, even Evelyn, Georgie, and Bernice practice with her, even though they already speak this terminology. This shows the worthiness of solidarity using their company part.

This now makes us ponder that they have been developing beliefs of their own, and since always, kids constitute their own set of values according to what they see in their surrounding, and unconsciously imitating individuals they see as specialists or people who they admire. By this time around in the movie, Flor has resided with them quite a while now, and she actually is an authority physique that these children look up to. While learning English, Flor shows responsibility, courage, bravery, dedication, hard work, dedication, and hope, amongst others.

Cristina and Flor always show devotion with their culture, which is really important because it implies that they stay true to who they are really, no matter where these are and who they you live with. The also always stay very humble.

In the “Spanglish” Movie, there’s a section in the special features content that contains a “Behind the Picture” segment. In there, we can listen to the director, James L. Brooks, speaking about the combination of cultures and exactly how they collide to make what seems to make a new one. He also says that with this movie he wished to show an American perspective about how precisely Mexicans socialize in an American home. Even in the title Spanglish shows the mixture of two things, two dialects, two countries, and two cultures. In an interview made by Paul Fischer to James Brooks, they asked him how much research does he do prior to making the movie, his answer was: “Enormous, enormous, enormous. Sitting around tables, sitting within my home, gathering women, reading great lines, viewing women with their children, having the kids translate, talking to them about that experience. ” This shows how he got encouraged on something that he found, and not something that he invented with his creativity. This demonstrates that these situations happen in real life.


Not all American individuals live with Mexicans, or socialize with them. Their occurrence is not essential in the development, education, or development of the American children or in the manner the family behaves. However, after they integrate to the lifestyle of American family, they’ll most likely have a great influence on their lives, and not only as a result of simple fact that they share a certain amount of space with them, but because Mexicans carry with them their beliefs and culture, and they never stop demonstrating them. This has an effect along the way these People in the usa will behave in the foreseeable future by spending so enough time with Mexicans who appeared with their homes or neighborhoods looking for careers or an improved life-style in general. Regarding “Spanglish”, we can conclude that the Clasky’s family did have changes in their lives and in their beliefs by coping with Flor and Cristina. They found that both of them carried principles that confirmed good manners, and this made them likeable. They found them inspiring, which led to the family to imitate what they found as good values. To point out on answering the primary question of the extended article, we can conclude that families that live or are constantly socializing with Mexicans are affected by them. Even though they are certainly not fundamental in the creation and development of an American child and American households, when they work together a lot with them, they be a part of their lives, and unconsciously study from them, exactly like all children study from their environment, and these is little by little changing America’s culture, because each day increasingly more Mexicans immigrate to the united states, and they slowly and gradually became a part of its culture.

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