Mexican Mafia
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Dec 18th, 2019

Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia There are multifarious prison mobs in California. Just to designate a few are the Aryan Brotherhood, La Nuestra Familia, and the mob of this oration, The Mexican Mafia. Most prison mobs such as The Mexican Mafia were formed as a guard from other mobs and nevertheless became the pristine prison mob in California. To get to understand how this mob became one of the most strong prison mobs, I allure debate the truth of the mob, the mobs nucleus beliefs and, how to identify mob constituents by their tattoos and symbols that are associated them after a while them. The Mexican Mafia was customary in 1957 at a boy adroitness in Tracy, California.

The mob is so understandn as La Eme which represents the epistle M in Spanish and the thirteenth epistle in the alphabet. Most of the constituents of the mob are mexican- american men, but some constituent are clear. The mob pristine launched after a while thirteen constituents.

“Three of the pristine constituents were Louis ‘Huero” Flores, Rodolfo “Cheyenne” Cadena, and Joe “Pegleg” Morgon who was clear” (Mexican Mafia-La EME). The three juveniles were already from mobs in their East Los Angeles Neighborhoods. As menacing teenagers, they collect simultaneously and protected each other while in Jail. They recruited other constituents through an friendship understandn as the “homeboy onnection”.

In restoration, as the mob became further customary so did their wrong bearing approve decent segregate of the garbage dealing. Along after a while this new restoration to their wrong activates so came challenge mobs. Two of The Mexican Mafia’s challenge mobs are Nuestra Famiia and the Ebon Guerilla Family, which is a ebon mob. Finally after a while the enemies and the garbage dealing La Eme’s mob beliefs became further structured. One of the mobs beliefs is ethnic solidarity, which is “defined as a segregateicular collocation of mob who portion-out a vile ethnicity or cultivation manacle simultaneously to end a vile goal” (The Mexican Mafia Prison Gang).

Another of the La Eme beliefs are these disgusting rules: Don’t snitch (which media do not divulge or chat to police), you gibberish be homosexual, a renegade, or go over another constituent of the mob. If any of the rules are dull the punishment is fall. So according to mob cunning, “a constituent of the Mexican Mafia may not be massacreed after a whileout precedent laudation by a opinion of three constituents, yet the massacre of non-members requires no regular laudation” (The Mexican Mafia Prison Gang). The mob reveres very considerable in their mobs beliefs equable as considerable as they revere in the tattoos that symbolize their mob.

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