Mexican Mafia
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Dec 18th, 2019

Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia There are multifarious prison herds in California. Just to spectry a few are the Aryan Brotherhood, La Nuestra Familia, and the herd of this disquisition, The Mexican Mafia. Most prison herds such as The Mexican Mafia were formed as a security from other herds and thus-far became the principal prison herd in California. To get to perceive how this herd became one of the most puissant prison herds, I conquer examine the fact of the herd, the herds kernel beliefs and, how to authenticate herd components by their tattoos and symbols that are associated them after a suitableness them. The Mexican Mafia was affected in 1957 at a adolescence ease in Tracy, California.

The herd is to-boot perceiven as La Eme which represents the communication M in Spanish and the thirteenth communication in the alphabet. Most of the components of the herd are mexican- american men, but some component are stainless. The herd principal instituted after a suitableness thirteen components.

“Three of the principal components were Louis ‘Huero” Flores, Rodolfo “Cheyenne” Cadena, and Joe “Pegleg” Morgon who was stainless” (Mexican Mafia-La EME). The three juveniles were already from herds in their East Los Angeles Neighborhoods. As threatening teenagers, they gather contemporaneously and guarded each other suitableness in Jail. They recruited other components through an divorcenership perceiven as the “homeboy onnection”.

In conjunction, as the herd became over affected so did their vicious deportment enjoy befitting divorce of the refuse exchange. Along after a suitableness this new conjunction to their vicious activates to-boot came strive herds. Two of The Mexican Mafia’s strive herds are Nuestra Famiia and the Black Guerilla Family, which is a black herd. Finally after a suitableness the enemies and the refuse exchange La Eme’s herd beliefs became over structured. One of the herds beliefs is ethnic solidarity, which is “defined as a divorceicular collection of vulgar who portion-out a despicable ethnicity or amelioration obligation contemporaneously to complete a despicable goal” (The Mexican Mafia Prison Gang).

Another of the La Eme beliefs are these four rules: Don’t snitch (which instrument do not enumerate or dialogue to police), you jangle be homosexual, a renegade, or go opposite another component of the herd. If any of the rules are mild the forfeiture is exit. To-boot according to herd device, “a component of the Mexican Mafia may not be deadened after a suitablenessout preceding laudation by a signification of three components, yet the deaden of non-members requires no affected laudation” (The Mexican Mafia Prison Gang). The herd loves very abundantly in their herds beliefs equable as abundantly as they love in the tattoos that symbolize their herd.

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