Metallica ST.ANGER
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Dec 18th, 2019

Metallica ST.ANGER

I just read an article about one of Mettalica’s recent CD’s it is called mettalica most of the songs are the usual head banging music but there are my favorite ones like “Frantic’’ or aˆ?aˆ?Some Kind of Monster’’, also most of the songs on this CD are about six to eight which means they must have done a lot of work on this CD.the way this band music great is their vocalist James Hetfield.

Usually a band stays alive for a ratio of five to ten years, but this band has been alive for twenty years, but the bad thing is that most of the band members die get kicked out or go to rehab. At a time this band’s vocalist had drinking problems so he went to rehab and stayed out of the band over a year.

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Metallica ST.ANGER
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While they were marking this CD all of this did happen to them I know this because they made a documentary about when they were making this CD around the time of their singer going to rehab they were feeling uncomfortable.

While making the documentary and CD at the same time the band almost got separated. The guitarist also had problems with the music they were making even though he is used to all the screaming and the fights he just didn’t like the solos. There was also another problem with the drummer he didn’t like the vocalist after he got out of rehab because the vocalist would spend more time with his family then the band.
But then they had a plan for the dysfunction.
When they finally finished the CD they also finished the documentary while they were having a concert they have made so many CD’s and I don’t think they will ever have plans to separate the band we all hope that they keep on going no matter what happens.

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