Slogan – sense and simplicity

Industry- electronics

Key people- Founder – Gerard Philips

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CEO-Gerard Kleisterlee

Chairman- Michiel Hessels

Employees- 121, 400 in 2007

The company was founded by Gerard Philips and established on 1891, in Eindhoven, holland. Its first product was light bulbs. Within the 1920s, the business started to produce other products, like-

  • Vacuum tubes (also known worldwide as ‘valves’),
  • In 1939 they unveiled their electric shaver,
  • Also on March 11, 1927 Philips continued mid-air with a station called PCJ now known as Radio Netherlands.
  • In 1950, company unveiled Philips Information.
  • After the product Philips launches Compact Cassette tape in 1963 which was wildly successful. This is mainly utilized for dictation machines for office typing stenographers and professional journalists.
  • Philips unveiled the first combo portable radio and cassette recorder which is marketed as the “radio recorder. Company also reduces the cassette size for the professional needs, in form of mini cassette and later the microcassette.
  • The world’s first home video recording cassette recorder was created by Philips. The main competition of Philips in those days were Sony’s Betamax and the VHS band of manufacturers.
  • Philips had early developments of any laser drive for selling films but credited to postponed in its commercial unveiling for concern with cannibalizing its video recording recorder sales. Later part of the become a member of with Sony they release commercial laser drive, and again in 1982 with Sony they unveiling Compact Disc. This advanced to launch of Dvd movie, which Philips launched with Sony in 1997.
  • Philips from then on are also available in market of television set, microwave range, mixer grinder, stereo system, plasma television, home theater, energy saver(CFL) bulb, etc.

The company’s name was evolved from N. V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken to Philips Gadgets in 1991. At that time, North American Philips was formally dissolved, and a fresh corporate section was made in the U. S. with the name Philips Gadgets North America Corp.


Here we are going to create a new laptop.

OUR Objective- “We focus on to improve the quality of people’s lives through well-timed introduction of important innovations regarding to activity of situation”.

As a global leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting, our company also combines technology and design into people-centric alternatives.

Our mission is fully centered on to satisfy the people’s desires and needs when we truly understand what they want. That is why we always get started with getting to know approximately we are able to about our focus on audiences: their priorities, principles, inspirations, likes and dislikes. With this perception, our international, multi-disciplinary and diverse design team can deliver truly relevant solutions that anticipate people’s needs, surpass their expectations and improve our customers’ business success.


I will make a decision my marketing purpose that may completely support continuous growth and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy.

The basic aims are;

  • I will increase the market share based on market development.
  • I will target more on promotional activities.
  • I will concentrate on regular and positive deal growth every year in place of more sales in particular fixed season.
  • Determination of market that needs to be come to by advertising.
  • In this sector I will make an effort to achieve quantitative and qualitative control.
  • Increase the knowing of new product by print out media and digital media.
  • My financial goal is to sale of 1000 laptop monthly, means 12000 for yearly.
  • I will make strategies to twin this growth in next season.

Planning process

Development of new product is a challenging process. It starts with plan formulation; firstly we identify the condition and intend to solve it. The iteration continues until the plan is declared as successfully completed. The first step in formulation of planning is situational research. They are the steps of planning formulation.

Situational analysis

This analysis offers us information to recognize the problems and issues that have to be tackled. For situational research these are the info required

  1. Socio demographic- People composition and circulation, learning and family services.
  2. Economic activities- nationwide account, poverty
  3. Socio- cultural and political- political framework, participation, relevant laws, government policies, etc.

Formulation of goals

In goal formulation we specify the desire final results to achieve dealing with the goal problem which identifies in the situational evaluation.

Formulation of policies and strategies

In this we make a plan and build a direction to attain the goals, objective and aim for.

Identification of programs and project

In this task we convert our plan and goal into specific implementable activities.

Investment development and budgeting

Here we will determine which programs and project can be applied according to your pre determined time planned and frame


Firstly I will go for market evaluation which gives our company the sufficient information about market and consumer needs, want and demand. Market analysis will help to right offer to right consumer and can meet consumer satisfaction and can make better communication with consumer. On the basis of this study you can make delight consumer, and retention of consumer. It owns sufficient information about the market and consumer needs, wants and demand. It can help to right offer to right customer and can meet consumer’s satisfaction and can make better communication with them. Also they involve some important information about customer, which is helps to make delight consumer.

With the pioneering research techniques, Major Intelligence can identify and measure market drivers, standard and monitor changes to help you position your products and services accurately, and react to emerging competitive risks and opportunities. Market Needs Examination will optimize your sales team’s attempts by:

  • This helps us to determining decision making and purchasing patterns
  • Exposing decision-making requirements and areas of influence
  • This also providing target, real-world feedback that sales specialists can leverage to boost their strategies and techniques.

Market Needs Research offers us the information that directs for our product marketing, demographic targeting, and sales practices as you plan new floor.

On the basis of review of Institute of development and communication (IDC) India which really is a leading global market intellect firm, the laptop market in India has 79% year-on-year progress during 2006. The sale of laptop keeps growing faster rate than projected. India is growing day by day a major market for laptop market sectors. On the basis of analysis of a top formal of HCL Info Systems, market share of notebook computers would be 35-40% within the next 2 yrs.


Indian Laptop market in increasing faster as it was in 2005 that sales of notebook computers surpassed the sales of desktop personal computers. It happens first time in India.

  • Change in work life of consumers is a main cause for growth on the market of laptop. The active use “anytime anywhere” usage of information is increasing, the sales of laptop computers.
  • Reduction in prices and affordability was a big cause to improve the deal of laptop. Nowadays Laptops are now sold at approximately half the price of which they were sold 2 yrs ago. Notebook computers prices are now almost at par with the desktop computer prices.
  • The the very first thing is duty free import of Notebooks also helped a whole lot in increasing the penetration degree of the product among the buyer. Laptop consciousness is also increased over time.

Our Target Markets

Firstly we have to target the marketplace for Philips laptop. By description we know that -A ‘focus on market or market is the marketplace segment which a specific product is marketed to. It is defined by get older, gender and/or socio-economic grouping. Market Targeting is the process in which intended actual markets are defined, examined and evaluated just before the ultimate decision to go into is made.

The marketplace of your laptop is shown below:

Our potential markets are separated into two segments; “Corporate User” and “End User”. The principal marketing opportunity is offering to these well defined and accessible target market segments that focus on trading discretionary income in these areas:

  • Corporate User: There is dependence on more feature in their laptop as per there use and work account. Corporate users are the users who buy the LAPTOP for his or her official goal only. The MD, GM, DGM, and CEO are the main commercial level users.

Corporate users

  • End Customer: The end users are fundamentally focused on price. They are those users who buy the laptop for his or her personal use. Instructors of College or university, Students of private University or college, businessman etc are the Customers for laptop

End users

Market Demographics

WE have two targets in regard market demographics: first we will to determine what sections or subgroups are present in the overall population; and subsequently we must create a clear and complete picture of the characteristics of the member of each of these sections. Once these profiles are constructed, we can to build up a marketing strategy and marketing plan. The five types of demographics in marketing are get older, gender, income level, competition and ethnicity.

The term demographics as a noun tend to be used erroneously in place of demography, the study of population, its structure and change. Although there is absolutely no definite delineation, demography focuses on population structure, techniques and dynamics, whereas demographics is frequently used in the domains of mass media studies, advertising, marketing, and polling, and should not be utilized interchangeably with the word “demography” or (more broadly) “population studies

The profile of our PHILIPS LAPTOP customer consists of the following geographies, demographics and habit factor:


  • We have specific local geographic target area. We will firstly serve the merchandise to local market.
  • We covers the Metropolitan area through our own distribution channel. We have our large no of marketers about in each condition in India.


Demographic has been done based on the following capabilities:

  • We are try to give almost same featured laptop as well as for both the corporate and business and end users.
  • The laptops packed with those feature that will certainly enough for University or college professors and doctors to use it for their research work.
  • As well as all High, Middle, Upper midsection and middle income can use it with no difficulty.

Behavior factor

We each is aware of some behavior factor which is good and in favor of my company. That is related to the

  • It is the convinced that laptop boost the status and prestige of the individual.
  • Also Consumer wants products, which are available in anywhere on any time.
  • Consumers believe that they have another image by using PHILIPS LAPTOP.

Market Needs

We have to provide our customers the opportunity to choose Notebook computers with different construction according to advertise needs.

This is vital to fulfill the next benefits which are important for our customer. We will completely concentrate on these facilities for our customers corresponding to preference:

    • High quality

Today all the clients know about the general function of computer because they are already using the desktop since very long time. That’s why at this time the Consumer needs high quality product, which is must been saturated in respect to performance. PHILIPS meets this need of consumer.

    • Reasonable price

Today consumer wants a superior quality product at fair price, for that reason PHILIPS make an effort to provide high quality product at a reasonable price.

    • Different flavors
    • When we speak about the customer’s choice that is change from individual to individual. So PHILIPS provides different laptop with different features for different feature.
    • Product availability

Today’s the client always seek available product so that they can buy the product anytime according to their need.

Market Trends

PHILIPS produces different kind of laptop which fulfills quality but an acceptable price. Now laptop Production Company keeps growing and more rivals are coming in the market also customer are definitely more aware about the item because of this they want different kinds of product. At this time market keeps growing faster, competition are increasing. Thus, Philips made segments for their product. Philips divided their customer directly into three groups, and present emphasis on each one of the group.

Market Growth

PHILIPS Company is certainly going upward with a solid competition. Using the home market, our international market growth figures is increasing day by day.


The following SOWT analysis catches the key durability and weakness within the business, and details the opportunities and hazards facing PHILIPS.


  • We have strong information technology and customer connection management approaches our customer can track any delivery by made up of online customer services.
  • PHILIPS has its popular brand name.
  • We have Strong quality product.
  • We are producing attractive design.
  • Body of Philips laptop is made of the sterling silver and plastic material both.
  • We have our own large distribution route.
  • The satisfaction of buyer about Philips product is great.


  • Lack of promotional activities.
  • At present we’ve insufficient capital.
  • We have lack of promotional activities
  • There are some legal and political barrier regarding transfer, tax and delivery.


  • Increasing the demand of LAPTOP o the foundation of survey.
  • Increase in general management school.
  • Technical based mostly job are increasing.
  • Improved market stock portfolio.
  • Increasing sales through the country.
  • Promotional activities to increase brand image.


  • Legal & politics barriers regarding import duty, taxes etc.
  • The large no of selection of laptop of existing in present time in market.
  • New competition are entrance in the market.
  • The price of LAPTOP is decreasing daily, so you can find low earnings of margin in this business


At within the marketplace there are no of competitors in laptop sectors. We have to review their strategy and know everything like feature, quality, price, segmentation, costs strategies, marketplace etc.

The major player in laptop companies are:-

  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • IBM
  • Toshiba
  • Dell
  • Sony


We establish our very own market. Also it is facing some challengers. The no of competitor are in present time and their position is as given-

Sources to Gather the info about our Competitors

The pursuing are 10 sources and strategies by which we can get information about our competitors:

  1. Suppliers:
  2. Annual reports
  3. Phone the competition
  4. Talk with their customers
  5. Check periodicals and trade journals
  6. Review the business’s Web site.
  7. Talk for some of their employees: Be careful what you disclose. But just a little give and take might yield unexpected results.
  8. Visit your opponents at an area industry trade show: It’ll give us a good idea of how competitors present themselves to the general public.
  9. Review information and information of the local industry
  10. Look in your rivals’ advertising

˜ HP: HP Pavilion

HP is a line of personal computers made by Hewlett-Packard and presented in 1995. The name is put on both desktops and laptops for the house and Home Office product range. Today’s HP is the most significant player on the market. HP’s LAPTOP has captured the maximum market talk about of laptop and personal computer. It is stated in China. It really is holding a leading position for very long time in laptop inside our country. It offers large no of its customer group.

Current Notebook Models of HP

  • 18. 4 in. : HDX18t
  • 17. 3 in. : dv7t
  • 17. 0 inches: G70t
  • 16. 0 in. : HDX16t / dv6t / dv6z / dv6zae (Artist Edition 2) / G60t
  • 15. 6 inch: Compaq CQ60
  • 15. 4 in. : dv5tse
  • 14. 1 inches: dv4tse / dv4t
  • 13. 3 inches: dv3t / Voodoo Envy 133
  • 12. 1 in. : Touch Smart tx2z / HP Pavilion dv2z
  • 10. 1 inches: HP Mini 110 Mi / HP Mini 110 XP / / Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam


In the 1980s Dell became a pioneer in the “configure to order” approach to manufacturing – providing individual PCs configured to customer features. On the other hand, most PC manufacturers in those times shipped large requests to intermediaries on the quarterly basis.

To lessen the delay between purchase and delivery, Dell has an over-all policy of developing its products near to its customers. This also permits applying a just-in-time (JIT) making approach, which reduces inventory costs. Low inventory is another signature of the Dell business model – a critical consideration within an industry where components depreciate very speedily.

Products of dell:

  • Dell inspiron series
  • Dell vostro series
  • Dell 1510
  • Dell n series
  • Dell studio 14z
  • Dell studio xps 13
  • Dell studio xps 16


It is a Chinese developer of laptop. Acer has taking cover over the marketplace talk about of LAPTOP PC in India. It is emerging laptop brand today and focuses on product for middle class and student.

Product of Acer in market at current time:

  • Acer Gemstone series
  • Acer Travel Mate series
  • Tablet Personal computer series
  • Acer Aspire series
  • Acer Aspire Timeline series
  • Acer Extents series
  • Acer Ferrari series


Lenovo trading markets its products right to consumers, small to medium size businesses, and large businesses, as well as through online sales, company-owned stores (in China only), string merchants, and major technology distributors and vendors. Additionally it is a rival of PHILIPS LAPTOP.

Lenovo makes a number of products for worldwide sales, these products include:

  • Lenovo
  • Lenovo ThinkPad laptops
  • Lenovo Think Station
  • Lenovo workstations
  • Lenovo Think Server
  • Idea Pad consumer-oriented laptops
  • Lenovo 3000 J Series laptops
  • Lenovo 3000 C, N, and V Series laptops

A current contract allows Lenovo to sell IBM-branded desktops and laptop computers until 2010.


PHILIPS: when we talk about our company we live basically a tv set company. But enhances our company business by producing laptop.

Product offering

PHILIPS offers different type of construction at different price to our consumer for chooses their expected product. This laptop computers receive in physique –

  3. PHILIPS S-20
  4. PHILIPS S-10


  • We have Strong quality
  • Brand image of the merchandise.
  • We have our own distribution channel
  • We are centered on to preserve our customer to create repeat purchase and recommendations.
  • Our standard average sales about 1000 piece per month.

Critical issues for our company

Form the inauguration, PHILIPS is still in the early level. The critical issues for PHILIPS are:

  • There are quality variation inside our products
  • We excess discounts from other competition.

Marketing strategy

For starting the Philips laptop we have to know about online marketing strategy. It is a way of centering an organization’s energies and resources on the course of action which can result in increased sales and dominance of the targeted market area of interest. A marketing strategy combines product development, advertising, distribution, pricing, romantic relationship management and other elements; recognizes the firm’s marketing goals, and points out how they will be achieved, ideally within a stated timeframe. Online marketing strategy determines the choice of marketplace segments, placing, marketing mix, and allocation of resources. It is most effective when it’s an integral component of overall firm strategy, defining the way the organization will effectively engage customers, prospects, and competitors in the market arena. As the client constitutes the source of your company’s revenue, online marketing strategy is closely linked with sales. A key component of online marketing strategy is often to keep marketing consistent with a company’s overarching quest statement.

The marketing strategy will create awareness, interest and appeal from our marketplace for what PHILIPS offers to customers.

The online marketing strategy is dependant on superior performance in the next areas:

  • Our product have different construction.
  • Philips laptop focused on Product quality.
  • Delight individual.


Philips will maintain steadily its position as a laptop company. The position will be achieved by quality product, competitive price, and matching to consumer’s demand and joy consumers. They have observed director to make recognition about the merchandise to customer.


Our main main marketing strategy will seek to first create customer understanding regarding the products.

Our other marketing strategy are-

  • To increase the products and length according to the goals of the consumers
  • To serve the buyer with competitive prices
  • To ensure the availability of the product
  • Practicing Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Consumer Orientation
  • Produce and market international standard products

Marketing Mix

Philips laptop marketing mixture is made up of the following approaches to product price, circulation, advertising and advertising, and customer support.

This is the basis format of marketing mix.


· Brand name

We have our strong brand “PHILIPS”. Which is already known by customers in market?

· Product variety

PHILIPS has five types of product. They are –

  2. PHL Hill SERIES
  3. PHL-S20
  4. PHL-S10
  5. PHL EC


PHILIPS always retains high quality of its products. Total Quality Management (TQM) is utilized here.


Attractive design, different colors, comfortable weight.


Philips product has a Variety of features compared of rivals.


PHILIPS supplies the laptop computers to the users in attractive packet. It provides special cartoon to send the Notebook computers to its sellers which is made for safety goal also.


Our products’ size differs a touch too product to product and depending on display of laptop.


We provides home delivery service after selling of our laptops.


Sales promotion

PHILIPS provides shot-term incentives to encourage and buy or sales of products. Sometimes it gives special low price for its products. In addition, it offers T-shirts, caps, Bluetooth and other accessories to the customers.


We gives the advert for Philips laptop through papers, billboard, popular mag, leaflets, sponsoring on game competition, internet etc.

Personal selling

When we talk about personal offering, then it could be said that Philips is not set up any types of personal offering.


· Price list

· Discount

  • It allows discount facilities because of its retailers and retailers.

· Repayment period

PHILIPS sells LAPTOP on credit to its distributors and merchants and following the sale they then make repayment. The repayment time is of 45 days month, after this due date the interest will be costed.


· Distributor Channels

We have our very own route for distribute the merchandise in all main city of India

· Location

Firstly we will cover the district regions of our country to deal the Philips laptop.

· Transport

We have no own transport service for our marketers. Distributors are accountable for taking the merchandise to their showrooms.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is vital for us to learn about current market and predict future needs.

We can gather the information through the dealer and dealer by –


  • Question – Notes customer reactions to the “How performed you notice about product?” question. Based on the answer it requires its promotional activities.
  • Customer suggestion – They take customers’ recommendations to gain more information. It want to know from the customers about-
  1. What suggestion must you improve our product? And
  2. Why does one desire a laptop?


This sector will offer you the financial summary of PHILIPS LAPTOP related to marketing activities. PHILIPS address brake even research, sales forecast, expense forecast, and reveal how this activity are connect to the marketing activity.

Break-even Analysis

The break-even analysis below illustrates the amount of sole sales, or models, that people must realize to break-even. This is predicated on average deal and costs per exchange.

Monthly Break-even Point

Break-even Analysis:

Monthly Units Beak-even 700 Unit.

Monthly Revenue Beak-even Tk. 3, 64, 00000


Average Per-Unit Selling Price Tk. 52, 0000

Average Adjustable Cost per month Tk. 42, 000

Estimated monthly Fixed Cost Tk. 70, 00, 000

Sales Forecast:

PHILIPS feels that the sales forecast will be achieve in to the in to the five main income streams; PHL EXTREME SERIES, PHL Pile SERIES, PHL-S20, PHL-S10, PHL EC. It will continuously increase sales as the advertising budget allows although the prospective market forecast outlined every one of the potential customers split into separate groups. The forecasted customers group divided into 2 categories: Corporate Users and End Users.

Expense Forecast

Marketing expense is usually to be budgeted at about 3% of total sales for 2010-11 and 4% for 2011-12. Expenses are tracked in the major marketing categories of newspaper advertisements, paper leaflets, billboard promotional event and more.


The reason for PHILIPS LAPTOP’s marketing plan is to provide as a guide for the organization. This plan is approximately implementation, changing the business, and so that it is better. Here we look at specific implementation programs, and the details that it requires to make it happen. The following areas will be checked to evaluate performance:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Revenue: every month and annual
  3. Expenses: monthly and annual


The following identifies the main element activities that are critical to your marketing plan. It’s important to perform each one on time and on budget.

Our contingency planning

Difficulties and Dangers for our business –

  1. An entry into the market by an already set up market competitor.
  2. Problems generating presence, a function to be an internet-based start-up business.


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