At the liberty movie theater, the customer concerns the location in order to receive the move entertainment, because the customer has to be physically show experience the movie on the theatre screen. The geographical cinema is easily located at No 35, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo-3. This location is very convenient since it is in the heart of Colombo so that it is easily accessible for all your customers from Colombo as well as out of Colombo.

(Service schedules)

Speak time, only geographical location is mentioned


According to Lovelock and Wright (2002) people indicate customer and employees who are involved in service creation and provision, and many services depend on direct personal connections between customers, firms and employees. The nature of these connections strongly influences the customer conception of service quality. Customers often assess the grade of the service they get largely on their assessment of folks proving services.

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From a cinema customer expect standard service, value for money etc. Alternatively the employees need to improve their success by fulfilling customers completely.

The targeted groups of customers for liberty theatre are mainly teenagers between 16-24 years of age, children under the age of 16 and family members and therefore they display cartoons, fictions and activities movies (British and Hindi only) to be able to cater to their target market well. They display screen these movies along with the worldwide release times in order to serve the eager customers well in advance.

As you can view from the diagram, Liberty Theatre employees 17 personnel that are recruited by the firm and 2 security officials from an outsourced company. Special training has been provided to the technicians to defeat any interruption. All employees are highly encouraged and their efficiency can be easily seen on highly congested days.

Speak about prominent stage and Again level employees in the business try to split employees

“The success of marketing something is tied tightly to the selection, training, inspiration and management of individuals” (Payne, 2001)

Physical evidence

According to Lovelock and Wright (2002) and marketing terminology glossary Physical Research refers to visible or other tangible parts or clues that provide proof service quality and performance which customers can in fact see or experience when they use a service.

(http://www. mshmgi. com/glossary, P, Physical+Evidence. html)

(Lovelock and Wright, 2002 (Offline), Ideas of Service marketing and management, Second release)


This is the service firm’s physical environment where the service is created and where the company and customer interact, plus any tangible elements that are being used to converse or support the role of the service.

(the substance of service marketing, series editor: adrian buckley, writer: adrian payne, 2001)

In this service which is the film entertainment the visual or the other tangible signs that provide proof service quality and performance will come in a number of varied ways. The Newspaper works such as invoices which receive when advance reservation is made by visiting as well as the e-mail when booked online and seat tickets provided before going into the movie theater hall, fixtures of the inside cinema and car seats, Internet WebPages (www. eapmovies. com), uniforms of employees (the employees wear black color trousers and orange t-shirts with the name “EAP videos” paper on remaining pocket), the building, the advertisement provided in magazines and websites etc.

Speak about

Create and maintain physical appearances


Interior design/furnishings


Staff grooming/clothing

Sounds and smells

Other tangibles

Manage physical cues carefully- can have profound impact on customer impressions


All the the different parts of primary and supplementary products that induce value for customer

Core product and supplementary products of Liberty Cinema

Core product

In service marketing, product pertains as a service. product must be unique from competitors because when customers method of service business customers must feel no other companies offer such features, Liberty’s primary service is engaging customers so their core product Is movies, especially shows latest Hollywood and Bollywood videos, particularly U scored movies, Liberty targets only Family movie.

Supplementary product

Supplementary product is additional service, that is provided during the key production process in order to improve the primary product value and make customers to feel more convenience, Liberty is a among the finest cinema hall in Colombo that provides supplementary services that are

Car area (outsource)

Snack shop

Comfortable seats

Air condition


State of the Artwork Surround Sound System

It is evident is a cinema hall cannot have many other supplementary services however, Liberty provides necessary additional requirements.

Other types of products

Expected product

Expected product (service) is immediately links to Main product, Expected product, is customer’s expectation on the main product. Customer’s expectation entertainment films, if customer is unhappy shown movie. Let us say Two videos are released X and Y and liberty shows Y movie but customer’s expectation is X movie definitely that will mess up Liberty’s reputation and profit. Therefore, not only Liberty but also other Service organizations must consider customer expected product.

Productivity and Quality

Efficient and efficiency operating Productivity

Better Service productivity is the degree to which organizations reduce input and increase outcome this is the existing trend in service sector this will increase profitability so as Liberty Follows this idea.

Productivity can be easily seen when present at the movie theater. The personnel is highly successful and productive, helping keep the environment clean and having the viewers benefit from the movie with maximum clarity and quality. For this reason success, Liberty Movie theater enjoy houseful shows every time a field office movie is released, which earns an average revenue of Rs 600, 000. 00.

In conditions of production, Liberty Movie theater employees 14 staffs and manages stimulate them to gain their potential end result. The premises is stored clean after each show so that everyone is in a position to enjoy.

Customer driven procedure productivity used in Liberty cinema

Changing the timing of customer demand

Liberty Cinema, tries their best to cater to the growing demand. They only provide the latest movie and they try their maximum to shows movies on simultaneous release all around the worlds. Example : Raavan premiered together with the globally release. Robin Hood is delayed because of the growing demand for the movie Eclipse.

Involving customer more in production

Customers engagement is huge during service production because they have to do all the duty to obtain the service, technologies presented to reduce the engagement of employees For E. g. Customers can get information such as show time, place and can reserve tickets from Liberty’s website, Eticketing or can reserve ticket within one minute using Dialog SMS. Customers willing to server independently than others so as liberty follows this concept. For e. g. self-service pumps have increased gas train station productivity (booklet)

These factors shows Liberty currently involving improve production in order to unique among opponents.

Service Quality

Liberty Cinema enjoys to be the best state of the art modern theater, its only rival is also supervised by their parent or guardian company that Savoy Cinema.

Customers always compare the service with other rivals, when quality is below than rivals that shows poor service quality.

Analyzing Liberty’s service quality dimension


At the liberty movie theater there 17 staffs including a manger, they works as a team to provide service effectively without any hold off that is what customers always expect. Furthermore, this is a theatre hall so complete operation is depends upon back stage personnel, for e. g. they have got three functioning staffs, an accountant to keep organization finance record.


Liberty Cinema has been recently undergone refurbishment to provide today’s touch. The surface is more of your classic movie theater and interior is cozy making the viewers to take pleasure from the movie. The car seats of finest quality and is positioned and arranged to provide a clear view of the giant screen.

Responsiveness and Empathy

Liberty shows movies on time, but customers largely need to wait to get tickets but they can book in advance by Email/Dialog Text and can buy the ticket in under 2 minutes.


To have good marriage with customers Liberty’s front side level people are ability to speak fluently in three languages and they are very polite with customers, and backstage staffs well trained to perform services for E. g. To be always a Liberty’s main operator needs lowest two calendar year experience as a co operator.

Liberty should improve and maintain quality to be able to acquire benefits in long run.


http://www. eapmovies. com/internal/rates-and-show-times/

Management team attempts their best never to vary the price tag on the ticket depending on what movie you watch. Since, there exists less public attendant the theatre on weekdays; the management has reduced the ticket prices by Rs 20. 00. They believe this is successful to some extent.

Marketers must recognize that customer outlays require more than price paid to seller

Traditional pricing responsibilities:

Selling price, savings, premiums

Margins for intermediaries (if any)

Credit terms

Identify and decrease other costs incurred by users:

Additional financial costs associated with service use (e. g. , happen to be service location, auto parking, mobile phone, babysitting, etc. )

Time expenditures, especially waiting

Unwanted mental and physical effort

Negative sensory experiences

Promotion and Educational

Liberty Theatre collaborates with other firms because of its promotional plan. Liberty Movie theater uses the next Media because of their promotional activities.

Radio – they collaborate with leading radio train station and give away movie seat tickets to blessed winners.

Paper – Every weekends in all leading newspaper publishers, Liberty Cinema provides away tickets to winner for question that derive from the existing movie that is exhibited at the movie theater.

TV- With the help of the sister company Liberty Movie theater promotes their films on Swarnawahini providing overview of the movie also promoting their service.

Facebook Fan Page

Depending on the movie that is screened, the advertising depends.

Kids Movie- advertisement and posters at universities and also solution is slashed by 40 % if a group visits.

Teens and Individuals – Special offers at institutes and businesses a

Since these are positioned in a metropolitan area, any tourist or passer may easily spot the latest movie.

They also have a sizable Screen providing movie trailers to passer, allowing them to see a glance of the movie.

Instructional Material

This is where in fact the customer or consumer has been contributed to services that are provided. Liberty Cinema, will provide sign planks for the supplementary services that they offer additionally in case there is emergency they will also project it to the screen. Ex lover – Vehicle Stop.

Liberty Website, Facebook and papers do provide full details the services a movie fanatic can expect.