Most probably you wanted to become a nurse all your life and you studied hard to get the necessary grades to get in. It is also probable that you have spent hours volunteering at a local hospital or nursing home to prove to the admissions officer that you are committed to becoming a nurse. You may have achieved great scores on the admissions tests and you have got amazing recommendation letters from medical professionals. However, this was all in vain if you can’t write a good nurse practitioner admission essay. At this point, your goal should be to write an outstanding essay to make the admissions officer remember you.

Keep in mind that he admissions officers read thousands of essays and you should ask yourself why would your nursing admission essay be any different from the others. Most applicants have the same test scores, hundreds of hours of volunteer work, and they all have stellar recommendations. Since there is such little difference between the applicants, the only thing that would make your application special is the essay. Don’t think that this is just another essay you have to write; this is “the” essay that could make your dream come true.

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Before getting down to business, you might want to take a look at some nursing admission essay examples to have an idea about what issues you should address in your work. The main point of the essay is to help the admissions officer get to know you as an individual, as a person. This essay is a personal matter and thus, it is impossible for anyone else’s to be even remotely similar to yours. Furthermore, this is the only aspect of your application you have complete control over. There is no way to answer the questions of the application form in any way that isn’t true and you can’t change your test scores. The only thing you can do is to write an essay coming right from your heart. The truth is that you still have a chance even if you weren’t the perfect student if you show the admissions officer that you have what it takes to become a good nurse.

Nursing Admission Essay: What should the essay be about?

In order to have success with your essay, you don’t necessarily need a case study or a thesis proposal. All you have to do is to tell the reader why they should consider you the right candidate for their degree program. You might want to include the main reason for which you wanted to become a nurse in the first place. Use this chance to tell the school officials that you are driven by a genuine interest.

Aside from telling the officials why you are interested in this field, your nursing admission essay should also include some of your long term goals. Also include all the things that motivate you to excel as a nurse and focus on your commitment to care for patients. Including all these aspects will ensure the officials that you have given this matter a lot of thought and it isn’t just a decision made in a rush and you didn’t choose a nursing school because you don’t have any other options left. Showing that you have a plan for your future and it revolves around a nursing career really improves your chances of being accepted in the program.

There is a kind of general truth that you will find in every admission essay example you will read: students want to make themselves look good. This may seem obvious, but you have to make sure you mention everything that is important in you becoming a nurse and that underline your skills and abilities. Nonetheless, you have to make sure you don’t embellish the truth. You shouldn’t say something like you did volunteering in a third world country if you didn’t. On the other hand, if you did, you should make sure you don’t forget to mention it.

While you should highlight your strengths, it might be a good strategy to mention your weaknesses as well, without dwelling on them. This way you will seem honest and modest. Another good idea might be to mention some of your hobbies in your essay, especially those that have something to do with nursing. For instance, if you like tennis, you could mention that, while you were volunteering at a nursing home, you played tennis with some of the elderly persons in your care. In this aspect your essay is a bit like writing a descriptive essay. However, if your hobbies only include playing video games and hanging out with friends, it might be best not to mention them as they won’t help you with your application.

From a technical point of view, before you start writing, you should read through the essay statement and put on paper all the thoughts that you think of upon reading. Starting from these, you should brainstorm some other ideas as well. Then you can get down to writing your nursing admission essay, but you should start with a draft. This doesn’t have to be perfect; it is just meant to help you get your thoughts on paper in a more organized form for you to see whether or not you still like them. Since no first draft is never perfect, you should take your time and revise and proofread it. For this, you could use some tools, such as grammar and spellcheck tools. One of the best things you could do is to ask someone to read through it as well and give you some feedback.

Since this is an important essay in your life, you might be tempted to contact a paper writing service, but this isn’t such a good idea since the nursing admission essay should be absolutely personal and nobody could ever do that for you. This doesn’t mean that these services aren’t good; it just means that they aren’t good if you need a piece that has to represent you as a person. However, if you choose a specific case study format, other writers could help you as well.