“Lucy Gray”
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Dec 18th, 2019

“Lucy Gray”

If you’re into rock/pop bands, then you should definitely pick up Envy on the Coast’s new album, “Lucy Gray.” It is packed full of melodramatic phrases and ridiculous musicianship. Every song sounds different and original. There is always something to surprise you, even if you have listened to the CD multiple times.

Envy on the Coast is a fairly new band originating from Long Island, New York. It was started in 2004 and has recently signed with PhotoFinish Records to put out “Lucy Gray,” their first full CD.

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With Ryan Hunter on vocals and guitar, Sal Bossio on vocals, guitar, and piano, Jeremy Velardi on bass guitar, Brian Byrne on vocals and guitar, and Dan Gluszak on drums, there is no way to go wrong. The band is currently being managed by Will Noo, who is also the manager of Straylight Run. This gives Envy on the Coast a good start since Straylight Run is a solid band.

Songs like “The Gift of Paralysis” and “Sugar Skulls” offer catchy riffs and hardcore breakdowns that make you want to jump. While other songs like “Lapse” and “Starving Your Friends” are quiet and sentimental with lines like “I fall three times as hard if it’s for nothing at all” and “you couldn’t wait to see your firstborn take his very first steps and you smiled at him ’cause you thought he looked like me.”

Ryan’s vocals stand out throughout the album, as do Dan’s drums, giving lively songs even more uniqueness than they already have. Also, there is a nice contrast between the upbeat songs and the more quiet and reserved ones. I think the band does a nice job with the setup of the songs.

Envy on the Coast is most similar to bands like The Almost, Boys Like Girls, Forgive Durden, and Cute Is What We Aim For. All these have an upbeat, modern tone. They have a mix of piano and guitar that gives each a similar sound, yet they are unique in many ways. Mostly, they share a similar rhythm. This does not mean that they are exactly the same, it just means that if you like one of these bands, then you might like the others.

Envy on the Coast’s “Lucy Gray” is an album well worth checking out. It is a welcome addition to the music industry and rock/pop scene. You can hear their fresh enthusiasm throughout the CD. It is definitely worth your time to look up.

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