Love Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

Love Essay

When I think about the concept of love, my thoughts are uncertain. When I think about the word love, the four letters arranged in a random pattern, nothing is simpler. Clearly, a distinct difference lies between a word and what it represents. The importance of the word love lies in the power it has over people. When asking someone what love means, not one person has a solid answer to the question. The word love is so abstract, as to which why I adore the word “Love.

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While growing older, we have used the word love in many contexts. The word love can be referred to as a variety of different feelings and attitudes, ranging from just common pleasure “I loved that meal” to an intense interpersonal attraction “I love my boyfriend.” The word love can be used in numerous ways and with endless feeling. In certain situations, the word love is such an expression that sometimes one’s relationship might even depend on it.

For example, If for a long time someone has not said “I love you” to a loved one, they might think something is wrong. The word “love” is a word that makes one wonder how much power one word could have.

Love does not have just one meaning, but rather many different definitions. It is a word used in many different contexts, with many different levels of feelings that are unexplainable. Love is a word that is universal in every language of the world. Everyone knows of it or has used the word. Although we know of it, no person has an actual definition of it. The uncertainty of this word makes me realize how powerful the word is, even though we still seem to know what someone is trying to say. Everyone uses the word love, but never took a minute to think about it’s meaning. I adore this word and will always think about as the future generations use the word love in ambiguity.

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