Lost Ones by J. Cole
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Dec 18th, 2019

Lost Ones by J. Cole

J. Cole- Lost Ones

Pregnancy, a young couple, and abortion are all used in talented rapper J. Cole’s song Lost Ones, to describe a real situation that he dealt with personally. The song tells a story of a young couple who have found out they are expecting a baby but have different views of the situation. I found myself repeatedly listening to the song and looking at the issue of abortion in a different light. The lyrics are so well put together that when I listen and say it to myself I can feel the emotion the young girl feels towards her situation. J. Cole takes a personal conversation on the problem between the couple and puts it into three verses, one being the male view, one being the female view, and the third being between the male and his outside influences. The song gives you a new outlook on young mothers and young girls, who both take responsibility for their children and those who choose to do otherwise.

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It makes you think deeper into the issue of abortion as just being right and wrong and forces you to consider other situations that may happen.

I found that the real reason I love this song so much is that J. Cole was not scared to touch on a very tough topic that he dealt with and put it into a song. He opened up to listeners, showed an emotional side and displayed himself as a human being who messes up rather than a rapper who only cares about riches and fortune. Just hearing him say in the chorus,” I ain’t to proud to tell you that I cry sometimes about it,” shows the real emotion that he feels towards the situation and shows that it was something real for him – not just a story or a memory but something that became a part of him. I find myself appreciating his music so much more because of this song and taking more than one situation into consideration before making judgments on anyone’s issues. If you are looking for a song about something real, something more than just money, cars and clothes, then stop and listen to Lost Ones. I can guarantee you will appreciate it when you are done listening.

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