Looking through an extracurricular activities essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Looking through an extracurricular activities essay

The given extracurricular activities essay cast light on some crucial issues closely connected with employing extracurricular activities as well as their effect on learners’ achievements in writing and in ELT.

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in up-to-date secondary educational programs. We can learn from any essay on extracurricular activities that in the beginning, the development of extracurricular activities was relatively slow, as many people simply considered it as a sort of temporary fashion, which would pass quickly and never get back. Later, people working in the sphere of education, started to notice the evident benefits of extracurricular activities, but it took some time get used to the revolutionary new trend in secondary education. Before 1900, a great number of educators were quite suspicious of the necessity of taking part in extracurricular activities. They were simply assured that school should concentrate on narrowly defined academic outcomes. Respectively, any non-academic activities were considered to be fully recreational and therefore harmful to academic achievements. Early experts on extracurricular activities thought that these activities supplemented and extended the contacts and experiences discovered in the more formal part of the secondary school program. Later many educational researchers and practitioners took a more positive perspective as for extracurricular activities. They asserted they had quite positive effects on a wide range of life skills and contributed to academic achievements.

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Looking through an extracurricular activities essay
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Some educational researchers stated that up to 70% of what learners grasped in college came exactly form extracurricular activities. Indeed, a great number of students tell that those activities they participate in out of class give them the most important learning experience.

Another great positive side of extracurricular activities is that they assist in overcoming some difficulties in the language classroom. They simply help to think outside the box and in a variety of contexts. Being involved in these activities students learn how to make use of the physical aspect of language, clearly seen in such simple activities as walking and talking, that take place in natural communicative situations.

There have been some researches devoted to the relationship between student involvement in various activities and their academic achievements. The studies also dealt with the optimal proficiency in a foreign language. In spite of rather a positive correlation discovered in many of these researches, there’s still a tough battle among tutors regarding the need for extracurricular activities. Some studies have taken a neutral stand and attributed the ultimate impact of these activities to the context in which they take place. According to these studies, extracurricular activities can have either a positive or a bad impact on learners, depending on the context, where they’re faced. One way to trace the impact of extracurricular activities is to apply a risk as well as resilience framework to them. Under certain circumstances, extra-curricular programs may detract from positive growth and development, while under others they may have protective impacts, so those students who are at risk for bad outcomes will be protected from them.

In today’s academic community, we observe two major positions concerning extracurricular activities. These are an academic perspective and a developmental one. The academic perspective mainly deals with those extracurricular activities as leisure, which has nothing to do with the purpose of schools. As for the developmental perspective, it takes into account the activities required for the overall development of students in up-to-date schools.

Some educators, who really appreciate the developmental perspective, consider these activities to be a good extension of the educational program. Moreover, participation in these activities has rather a positive association with many student characteristics. These activities enable students to develop such must-have personal qualities as sportsmanship, leadership, self-discipline, self-confidence, not to mention the ability to handle tough competitive conditions. Therefore, when a student takes part in any of these activities, he or she is associated with high levels of self-esteem. The recent researches conducted across different schools have shown a positive correlation on academic achievements.

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