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Dec 18th, 2019


One of the most unrecognized bands of the ’90s, Live has stillmanaged to sell millions of records. It is surprising that mostpeople have never heard of them, despite the fact their second album,”Throwing Copper,” went multi-platinum, and their follow-upalbum, “Secret Samadhi,” went platinum as well. Live hasbeen around for many years, just with different names. They startedout as Public Affection and began touring small clubs inPennsylvania. They put out their first cassette, “Death of aDictionary” on their own label. This cassette has become anextremely rare collectible – with fewer than 1,000 copies. One dayafter a gig, they were met by an record executive from RadioactiveRecords who immediately signed them. Eager to escape the doldrums oftheir small home town, they accepted the offer and changed their nameto Live and released “Mental Jewelry,” which has sold over 800,000 copies.

The four band members, Chad Taylor (guitars, background vocals), ChadGracey (drums, background vocals), Ed Kowalczyk (guitars, vocals) andPatrick Dahlheimer (bass, background vocals) soon went on to stardom.

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MTV had a bit to do with this by playing a clip of Live’s new video,”Operation Spirit.”

After “Throwing Copper,” however, Live began to disappearfrom the music scene. They went to a southern resort to concentrateon new material. Ed became more spiritual, which greatly influencedtheir new material. The songs that form “Secret Samadhi”are darker and more spiritual than “Throwing Copper,” whichaffected the band’s sales.

Where is Live now? The members, now in their late twenties, havebegun recording a new album, still untitled. The material is said tobe similar to “Secret Samadhi,” but more lively. The luckyfans of Live can look forward to many more concerts and material fromthe end of the century into the new.

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