Limit of a function| The introduction
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Dec 16th, 2019

Limit of a function| The introduction

Before moving on to what a limit calculator is used for, let us understand what the limit of a function means. There are plenty of fundamental concepts in mathematics and the limit of a function is one of the most important ones. The study of limits involves taking concepts of analysis and calculus in mind and it mostly revolves around the behavior of a particular function which is projected on a graph. First of all, you need to understand how a function is depicted on a graph. As we know, there are primarily three axes in a graph namely x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. Hence, each point on a graph represents an equation which will have variables in it. Each of the variables will be in each of the planes of the graph.

Formally, the concept of the limit of a function was introduced first in the 19th century where a function denoted by the letter “f” will produce an output function that will be denoted by “f(x)” for each and every value that variable “x” holds. Keep it in mind that before the limit calculator, there have always been manual ways of computing the limit of a function, which as obvious as it sounds, must be a tedious process. Now, the limit of the function which we have defined will be denoted by the letter “L”, and an input value of “p” is given. This shows that “f(x)” will get closer to the limit L and this value will be directly in correlation as the value of L reaches closer to the value of “p”. Let us be more specific with the values given as input. Suppose the value of “f” reaches closer to the value of “p”, eventually the value of the output will automatically be close to the value that L will take up. On the contrary, in such a case where some of the inputs that are close to the value of p are considered as outputs that remain equidistant from each other, we can straightaway ascertain that no limit exists in such a case.

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Limit of a function| The introduction
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Relation between limit and continuity

The limit notion of a function tends to have multiple applications when it comes to modern calculus. The concept of continuity has a correlation to the limit and many standard definitions exist which highlight this correlation. The most common way of defining the relation would be to comprehend the fact that a function tends to be continuous whenever all of the limits roughly points towards the value that the function holds. This is one of the fundamentals that any limit calculator operates upon. The concept of derivative always comes with the concept of the limit of a function. It majorly involves the calculus related to one variable and there happens to be a limiting value which determines the slope of lines that are secant in nature. All of these concepts together apply and can be represented by a graph function.

Comprehending the limit of function in detail

Let us imagine a person who is walking on a landscape that we will represent by the value of y = f(x) and the horizontal axis is denoted as x whereas the vertical axis is denoted as y. The whole coordinate system can be presumed as the map of the land that the person is treading upon. The horizontal path will be measured as x = p. As the person approaches closer, the altitude will gradually attain a value closer to limit L.

The concept of the limit of a function needs to be understood properly in order to understand how a limit calculator performs functions within a span of a few seconds. The concepts of limits, continuity and derivatives are research on a massive scale due to unlimited scope in this field and this is something which has compelled the study of the subject, especially for students in high school as well as graduates and post-graduates. A lot has been debated on international forums about this topic which makes it one of the most important subjects to research on.

How does a limit calculator operate?

Nowadays, in the present day and age, almost all forms of mathematical problems can be solved by taking reference from the internet. Back in the days, the only application available to us used to be a basic calculator, but now we have limit calculator applications through which all that we have to give is a function with values of its variables and the application will give us the desired results within no time.

Firstly, you will be asked to give a function as input which could be a real variable or a limit point. Also, you can give the value of the direction and at any particular point of a graph; you can compute the value of the limit. The whole process is quite easy and you will get the results you need within a span of a few seconds at most. The beauty of a limit calculator is the way in which it computes the values given as input using an algorithm that has been specifically written for the application.

Different forms of a limit calculator

There are various forms of a limit calculator that you will come across on the internet. You might have seen a limit calculator that gives the value of standard deviation and mean upon giving an input value. All you have to give is the sample size as well as the total population and the application will give you the exact value that you require. There are other forms of calculators as well such as vector cross product, mass median mode calculator, standard deviation calculator, geometric mean calculator and grouped data arithmetic mean calculator.

Repercussions of being dependent on a limit calculator

The limit of a function can be calculated using a limit calculator which you will easily come across on the internet and such tools are always valuable since they enable us to proceed with our problems related to limits, continuity and derivatives without wasting much time. But that does not mean that you can totally rely on these tools since you might be dependent on a limit calculator that you have come across on some website which refrains you from putting efforts in understanding how the concept of limits of a function works. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the concepts before you make use of a limit calculator since it is evident that you will get the results through the application, but it does not guarantee whether you yourself have understood how the value came out to be. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you do your research first before moving ahead and making use of a tool.

A limit calculator will always calculate the limits of a function at a given point represented in a plane, but it will definitely not produce the desired value for you if you choose to give characters that are illegal. This is one of the main reasons why you need to be careful while giving an input in an application like this, as a wrong output will definitely make you question everything that you learnt. Bear in mind that the inputs have to be given in such a way so that algorithm surrounding the application can understand the values that have been given as input and produce the correct output upon calculation. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines that the application has and you will get the correct output accordingly.

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