Lil&#39 Bow Wow – Doggy Bag
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Dec 18th, 2019

Lil&#39 Bow Wow – Doggy Bag

Dil’ Bow Wow has made another greatCD with “Doggy Bag.” This is his second album, and you can really heara difference between this and his first album. He has grown up right before oureyes both lyrically and physically. He is even developing a deepervoice.

Lil’ Bow Wow is such aLtalented 15-year-old and so handsomethat he’s really going to go far in the music business. In his lyrics he talksabout his problems and the success he has had as well as girls, money and hisfans.

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Lil&#39 Bow Wow – Doggy Bag
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The way he creates his lyrics is amazing. He’s even creative withhis CD titles, from his first album, “Beware of Dog” to “DoggyBag.” He feels that he’s getting too old for the “Lil’” in hisname and has decided it should just be “Bow Wow.” It seems this boy hasmatured into a fine young man; he knows what he wants for his future.

When you listen to this CD, it’s as though you’re right at home with Lil’Bow Wow, and can relate to where he’s coming from.

His lyrics tell a story alltheir own. His music is profanity-free; he feels that music doesn’t have to haveprofanity to be good.

His music is for the family, not just teenagers.Everyone loves him, even parents. He’s an inspiration to fans, and teenage girlsgo nuts when they hear his name. He’s definitely a big star in music today, andwill be for many years to come.

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