A greasy spoon is small, but also very cheap and sometimes unsanitary, an average working-class restaurant or supper, usually centered on fried foods. 5 star restaurants is very high course place and also their food is good quality. Restaurant is folks who need the most and with out a restaurant then will make a country income become lower. When want to owned your own restaurant, it is not to be so hard but it addittionally not to be easy and you need to prepare a lot of things to possess a restaurant. The normal question is what kind of restaurant you want it to be, this means you want to make your restaurant become how. Own a restaurant must also think about what type of food that require sell, this is the point that to entice customer and may bring in more money. Other than that, additionally you need to set your own restaurant either greasy spoon or five stars restaurant.

Answer of Question 1

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A restaurant the preparation, service of food and drinks to customers in exchange for money, whether it’s to pay before foods, after meals, or running tab. Meals service premises eat, but many restaurants also offer takeout and room service restaurant has altered dramatically, and the looks of products, including a number of the chef’s delicacies and service models.

What kind would it not be?

I would like own a Western Restaurant, there are reasons that I want to own a European Restaurant because I more prefer the American food and it was a five restaurant. I would like to choose a place where nearby the city center, shopping organic, and also working place and it’ll be many people to presence the restaurant. My very own restaurant must have two floors because when during active hour, lunch time and also evening meal it’s very difficult to accommodate so many customers, so a restaurant should be better have two flooring surfaces to serve customers. My restaurant should be built-in WIFI; it may also help the clients to possess their fun with their phone while waiting for their food. I would like to make my restaurant, whenever a places calm then can let customers feel safe and enjoy when they having their food at the restaurant. The color of the restaurant must be inexperienced, because of green can let the customer feel characteristics and recycle. Besides that, I will like to devote a tv set to let customers enjoy when they are experiencing their food. Waiter of the restaurant should be wear formal, when a waiter serve the client nicely and with a formal outfit then will allow customer feel satisfy. In fact, I favor my restaurant be peaceful, comfortable, dynamics and with a good services. When have this few thing it sure will help the restaurant generate more income because almost all of the client also such as a restaurant who can let feel safe when they are experiencing the food.

What kind of food?

I like my restaurant to create Western food which is all about noodles. For a good example, hen chop, lamb chop, seafood & chips, salads and also spaghetti. That is a few types of food that appeals to more young people and teenager to acquire their meal which type will be easily attracting the customers to consume.


I would like to invite a professional chef to manage my restaurant. I want all customers to my restaurant to eat so long as my restaurant american food. The main menu of my restaurant is European food. My restaurant is to market the lunch only RM10. The bundle includes a little dish, poultry steak, lamb chops, fish, seal (only for a collection), desert and drinks. The purchase price is reasonable, so that it will attract customers, such as adolescents and adults. Furthermore, my eating out market target young people and teenagers.

Conclusion of Question 1

In summary, want to possess a restaurant have to have a good intend to go. If want to own a restaurant with don’t have a good plan then it will make you difficult to keep a restaurant. Nowadays, a five superstars restaurant not the most well-known in our country because a five stars restaurant food price will be higher and let customer difficult to afford. Otherwise, a greasy spoon restaurant can allow customer easy to afford because the price of food will not be higher and it suited to all those customer to have their food in my restaurant. So, when you wish to possess a restaurant, you will need to investigate the marketing and really should do research. It’ll be better to own a restaurant.

Introduction of Question 2

In our country, it’s got multi-cultural. For a good example, our country acquired Chinese language, Malay and Indian. In our country, it’ll be many kind of food that you can see and they have diversity and multi-cultural. In Malaysia, the Malays possess the most population, Indians is the tiniest population and Chinese language populace is the most average. Malays was the most mainly society inside our country, all of them also speak Malay terms to each other’s compatriots. Malay is very consociate, if other compatriots received any problem they will work jointly to solve the condition. Indians was a helpful race, a few of them facing a problem they will help one another. Chinese language was the most beautifully in Malaysia and they will be patient to do everything. Malaysia received many race of people, it sure will be many type of cultural and various type of food.

Answer of Question 2

Malaysia acquired multi-cultural; it was Malays, Chinese and Indians. Which suggest got multi-cultural then it absolutely sure will got various kind of food and festival. I am explaining about Chinese language festival, which kind of food they will be having at the celebration and the meaning of the meals. Chinese language will have Chinese language New 12 months, moon cake festivity and dragon vessel festival.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Yr can be an important traditional festival for Chinese language. In China, additionally it is call Spring Celebration. The fifteen day of the first month of the traditional Chinese New 12 months celebration. Chinese language New Year’s Eve is the last month of Chinese calendar the last day, working the Festivity of Lamps, the longest happening in the Chinese language calendar time. Chinese New Year’s Eve, this means this day was a last day of the entire year and every one of the family members will be come back from other place even at other country. Chinese language New Year’s Eve will be have a reunion supper, it means that of the family will hold the dinner together. At reunion dinner, we will eat a lot of food like seafood, prawn, chicken while others. However the most special thing that we eat is “Yu Shang”, this name is translate from the chinese language word. This type of food it just will eat once a year and the meaning of eat this food mean will have a good yr and have a healthy body. About prawn, I believe almost all of the Chinese people also will have this food when reunion meal. Prawn mean it will bring you smile for a complete 12 months, when prawn translate to Cantonese which means that laugh. After that, when you eat prawn then won’t give other people bully and can bully back again the individuals. The fish suggest when once you eat then bring you an extended live and have a good year.

Moon Cake Festival

Moon Cake Festivity is one of the festivals of Chinese. It is a popular Chinese language people rejoice the harvest happening. Fifteen days of the festival at the eighth Chinese calendar and the moon will become a full moon. This moon wedding cake festival this means family will be enjoy at beyond your house and also have many types of moon wedding cake feast, grapefruit bright full moon. Family members will eat their moon wedding cake with benefit from the full moon and can until midnight. Some of the children will play lantern and holding it walk throughout the house. Most of the people say it will be beautiful nights and the brightest night of the year. This moon cake happening has many legends about it and then it appears a moon cake. This festival is the worship of the moon and the full moon, the moon wedding cake is considered an indispensable delicacies. Rejoice the moon wedding cake festival, using a moon wedding cake with good friend or family gatherings. Eat a moon wedding cake mean provides you and your family romantic relationship become well, it will enable you to get a all the best for a complete year. Another interpretation is won’t easily argue with parents and also with good friend have a good relationship.

Dragon Vessel Festival

Dragon Boat Celebration is another celebration for Chinese language but it was not so popular than Chinese language New 12 months and Moon Cake Festival. A Chinese language traditional festivity, the Dragon Boat Festival is per day for many Chinese language people regains their lives for peace, get rid of the plague. The high light of the day is the dragon vessel races, competing communities, rower’s rowing vessel immediate pulse pounding drums. The adult will drink a wine beverages it name is “Hsiung Huang” and wear savory luggage, two approaches have said, to ward off bad, peaceful and inviting. Dumpling is typically the most popular food in the Dragon Motorboat festival, which is two twisted glutinous grain in bamboo leaves, filled up with a number of fillings such as pork, nut products, or the first egg. Some of the family will be interact to help make the dumpling and add increasingly more ingredient inside the meals. This food was very delicious and then when you have ingested the dumpling which means that you have grown yearly older. A number of the Chinese language will have evening meal during the night to enjoy this festival and it also will have many food, everything also hen, prawn and fish. All the so this means for eat this food also same as the Chinese language New Season.

Conclusion of Question 2

Few things that people can’t do during Chinese language New Year are, cannot wear a black shirt, sweep the floor and also break things. About wear a dark shirt, this means when you wear a dark shirt at Chinese New 12 months then it will bring you bad luck and it will be not good yearly. Sweep the floor, when Chinese language New Season you sweep the floor imply you sweep all those money to outdoor and it make cannot expansion for a whole year. The very last thing is break things, if you break something for an example glass, then it imply that was an unlucky started for a fresh year and it maybe enable you to cannot be work with smooth for each year. So, different kind of race it has different type of happening and food. Like some of the festival that what food you will need to consume, what thing that you cannot do and it’ll be many meaning for those traditional.