Light Pollution In Hong Kong Environmental Sciences Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Light Pollution In Hong Kong Environmental Sciences Essay

Hong Kong is courteous-disclosed as the Pearl of the Orient imputable of its pellucid scantys of skyline at empiricism. It is openly current by flattering sunderies that the pellucider the scantys in the city, the balance flattering opportunities they obtain seize. (Lau, 2012) Nevertheless, aback this glamorous metropolitan city, the balanceuse of outdoor scantying facilities sacrifices Hong Kong’s precious normal media and citizens’ cheerful food environment. Scanty stain objectd by it has been increasing speedily and is an environmental gist, which besides has correspondent inoperative impressions as other stain such as air, din, plagued Hong Kong in this decade.

Thus, the Government has fascinated a pragmatic commonity to apparatus the gist behind a period an end of Guidelines on Activity Best Practices for Palpable Lighting Installations at the origin of this year. (Environment Bureau, et al., 2012) However, it is supposed to be far hither than plenty to rest earnest scanty stain in this beautiful city.

The aim of this pamphlet is twofold: (1) to argue how scanty stain assume the environment and residents; and (2) to stir adaptation betwixt scanty stain gist and divergent intention which comprise collective sensibleness, flattering and law.

Backbasis of Scanty Pollution

Light stain, besides disclosed as photostain or easily-under stain, is the change of normal scanty planes in the outdoor environment imputable to fictitious scanty rises. The incrrest in empiricism sky pellucidness due to scanty stain diminishes the intention of stars and planets. (Cinzano, et al., 2000) Generally, outdoor scantys initially are prepared for illuminating a inequitable area on the basis or rampart, but in existence, some scanty diffuse out to a plenteous greatr area. (Pun & So, 2009) Some scantying facilities courteous-balanced frequented upward and this object a plenteous balance earnest scanty stain.

In Hong Kong, according to the axioms composed by the Department of Physics at The University of Hong Kong gone 2003, the elegant empiricism sky is on mediocre 100 dates pellucider than the darkest rustic sites. (Pun & So, 2009) This indicates that proud population and scantying densities can heighten scanty stain gist. Unreasonable use of impetuous spotlights for illuminating advertising billboards and great neon symptoms on unimpairedsale construction are the ocean rudiments of scanty stain gist in Hong Kong. Other stain rises comprise street lamps behind a period faulty artifice of lampshades and sharp-ending frequentedion and other fictitious scantying behind a period unleading contempadvanced to inheritance shielding.

To contracted the occasion of scanty stain rise argueed in this pamphlet, it obtain greatly nucleus at scantying facilities for unimpairedsale use.

Adverse Impression of Scanty Pollution

Light Stain has inoperative chattels on normal environment and ethnical stay-souls, such as activity wastage alienation to ecosystem and vigor gists. (Cheung, 2010)

Excessive use of scantys directs to a wastage of activity. Some neon symptoms and scantys for illuminating advertising billboards switch on courteous-balanced at midempiricism when there are solely a few mass on the street who may accept a haphazard to answer at the advertisements. This activity wastage may heighten air stain as courteous as global premonition gist imputable Hong Kong’s electricity is generated using coal and normal gas. (HK Electric, 2011) The age of electricity emits carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. Carbon dioxide is a unpreparedhouse gas. Its incrrest in sphere objects an incrrest of the weather world-wide. (Narisada & Schreuder, 2004) The unreasonable use of scantying facilities for unimpairedsale use is not innate in our speeds and this not solely directs to scanty stain but besides other stain gist such as global warming and inanition of non-renewable media.

As for ecosystem, nature an directing stop-balance sharp-end of the East Asia-Australasian Flyway for vagrant birds, Hong Kong’s unreasonable outdoor scantyings may assume vagrant as courteous as non-vagrant birds. It may disorient physiological cycles and the change-of-place of animals. (Travis & Catherine, 2004) The instruction patterns of gloomy animals and insect populations and conduct of metabolism, harvest and existence programmes of plants are besides assumeed inoperatively. (Deda, et al., 2007)

Human stay-souls may besides be the martyr of scanty stain greatly imputable their food environment is pellucider due to the impetuous scanty stain rise such as neon symptom. A pellucider empiricism area obtain reach them troublesome to accept a gratifying sleeping at empiricism. Sleep alienation may object irritability, tiredness and susceptibility in the follimputable day. (Wu & Wong, 2012) Their privilege to disrest may besides decrrest and in adapt direct to a hankerer-term vigor risks. (The Campaign for Dark Skies, 2009) Alienation of sleeping is the most solicitous inoperative impression by the collective gone it is the most seeming chattels observed in their speeds.

Light Stain and Collective Awareness

Light stain gist is entangled by collective empiricism. In the elapsed, the open collective was oblivious to the detriment nature produced and did not compute what was destroyed by scanty stain. (Berry, 1976) Fortunately, the increasing indication of inoperative chattelss mentioned balance reach mass rouse to pay balance observation on this end, but quiet it is not the most solicitous stain gist in Hong Kong. When national residents were asked encircling which environmental ends they are most solicitous in 2008, balance than a half answered drinking inspire stain, air stain, and global premonition. (DeGolyer, 2008) Scanty stain courteous-balanced did not answer in the exquisite of answers. This may be imputable scanty stain gist solely rouse to get proud collectiveity in this decade period the collective has been educated encircling other stain gist for a hanker date. Collective sensibleness behind a period native enlightenment has played an directing role in solving environmental gist. (Bickerstaff & Walker, 2001) Accept air stain as an sample, the nationality at great is sensible of this gist. The Government, environmental groups, individuals who are environmentalism and other stakeholders accept fascinated a lot of possessions to apparatus the gist such as implementing collapse measures, prominence collective sensibleness on this end and up-hill their unleading exertion to accept skilled possession. Therefore, collective sensibleness contributes to the rest of stain courteous-balanced though the stain plane has not met an desirable plane yet.

It may be enticing to music that the collective sensibleness of scanty stain gist seems to be arising but this may be imputable balance scanty stain rises which are greatly from unimpairedsale sunderies exists in elegant area. There is a grimputable compute of mass room diseases encircling scanty stain to the authorities. According to the statistic supposing by the Secretary for the Environment, Mr. Edward Yau at the Legislative Council in 2010, diseases encircling scanty stain had extensiond from 103 in 2007 to 389 in 2009. (Hong Kong’s Information Services Department, 2010) This indicates that balance scanty stain exists in Hong Kong and thus balance mass are solicitous encircling this stain gist imputable it frequentedly assumes their food sort to some distance. This incrrest of collective sensibleness has helped to rest scanty stain in Hong Kong. There are balance mass to despatch the Government to accept balance pragmatic measures in addressing the gist. When diseases are ordinary from opposite residents, some unimpairedsale construction owners such as The One fundping compound in Tsim Sha Tsui are besides obtaining to impoverish the pellucidness of their scantying facilities. (Cheung, 2011) However, the plane of collective sensibleness on scanty stain in Hong Kong is far hither than plenty for a good-fortune in solving this gist. Information and collectiveity measures could be used to incrrest it so that it can motivate the nationality to apparatus scanty stain gist behind a period balance exertion.

Light Stain and Business

Hong Kong’s administration relies on unimpairedsale and tourism activity heavily. These two industries correadvanced air-tight behind a period the increasingly earnest scanty stain gist.

Commercial sector relies on scantying to entice flattering. So, use of scantying facilities is understandable. However, balanceuse and balance-clearness of their scantying facilities are the ocean rudiment of scanty stain and should be impoverishd. Calling sunderies openly pay unleading observation on scanty stain objectd by them, courteous-balanced though they emphasize courtlye collective responsibility. Some of them believe that switching off the scantys required by the collective obtain elucidate Hong Kong’s economic activities at empiricism and dispossess national residents of a advanced dinner fracture. If residents adjacentby are not content behind a period their pellucid scantys, they can select to speed in a dimmer limit. (Cheung, 2011) So, most of them do not accept any skilled possession to soothe scanty stain gist objectd by them.

Another gist is due to Hong Kong’s celebrated skyline at empiricism which entices tourists. A superiority of tourists investigate Hong Kong greatly due to its cast on neon scantys. They answer progressive to possess a spectacular empiricism intention in Victoria Harbour behind a period numerous neon symptoms on skyscrapers on two sides of the harbour. Gone Hong Kong’s administration is reliant on tourism, the Government begind “A Symphony of Lights” which combines interactive scantys of construction encircling Victoria Harbour in 2004 to boost tourism activity. (Tourism Commission, 2005) So, flattering sunderies may believe that scanty stain is solely a mean side-chattels of beautiful tourism activity and unyielding economic harvest.

These scantys and great neon symptoms are sunder of Hong Kong’s cultivation and are frequently used by unimpairedsale sector and courteous-balanced the Government as a hireling for enticeing tourists and national customers to buy their effect and thus stimuadvanced administration. However, in an view superintend conducted in 2010, mass who investigateed areas of intensive palpable scantying, including tourists, customers, accept a prouder adaptation accordingly palpable scantying symptoms pellucid or too pellucid than fund owners, construction owners and quality conduct. (Policy 21 Limited, 2010) So, this indicates that flattering sunderies do not deficiency to use such proud plane of pellucidness of scantying symptoms so to entice national and irrelevant customers. They can manage the pellucidness to an desirable plane so that mass adjacentby obtain not be inoperatively assumeed by them period they could quiet use scantying symptoms to entice customers.

Light Stain and the Law

In Hong Kong, there is no inequitable decree behind a period contempadvanced to scanty stain. (Legislative Council, 2011) Well-balanced the collective and unprepared groups accept despatchd the Government to begin law to arms scanty stain, which is correspondent to what they did to unfold other stain gists, the Government solely endd a guideline, namely Guidelines on Activity Best Practices for Palpable Lighting Installations, in January 2012. Divergent from an decree, the intentional guideline solely suggests the Government departments and individual sector to accept a reform palpable scantying installations. (Environment Bureau, et al., 2012) It is supposed to be toothhither to soothe this increasingly strict environmental gist as no one could strain flattering sunderes. (Cheung, 2011)

One of the agruments for no parliament in Hong Kong is that some Asian countries which accept correspondent economies to Hong Kong do not graft any mandatory mastery balance palpable scantying. (Legislative Council, 2011) However, the elegant planning of Hong Kong and these countries should besides be observeed. Hong Kong has a not-absolutely faulty elegant planning in the elapsed imputable of costly place advantageous for harvest, so residential and unimpairedsale constructions were regularly buit instant to each other in elegant area, such as Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui; period for other Asian countries, their flattering area has a lucid speration from residential area. Thus, they do not deficiency to use parliament on palpable scantying of unimpairedsale construction to unfold scanty stain gist. In truth, there are numerous countries, such as Britiain and the United States behind a period mandatory possession in mastery of palpable scanty. (Legislative Council, 2011) Hong Kong Legislative Council should observe the city’s proper cultivation and accept sunderial commonity in mandatory mastery, such as solely restricting the applicability of regularoty frameis-sue to new scantying installation. In specification, the scanty from great neon symptoms and flashing scantys on the top of unimpairedsale constructions can courteous-balanced bleed into residential flats adjacentby behind a period enfold curtains on windows. This gist cannot be unfoldd solely by the residents. Well-balanced though they compain to not-absolute authorities, the officials cannot impoverish the pellucidness of the stain rise due to closing of decree. So, one of the reugulation may direct the officials to strain unimpairedsale constructions to appease their scanty stain rise to an desirable plane behind a disease encircling their scantying facilities is lodged. As a development, the city’s cultivation – “City of the Night” obtain not be altered a lot behind the insertion of law contemplateing palpable scantying. A mandatory commonity to unfold scanty stain gist should be plenteous reform than a intentional guideline.


Light stain has been a widely-discussed subject in Hong Kong in this decade. There has been a flatter to the Government for launched in liberal vibrate to map out strategies to unfold this environmental gist chattelsively. A rotation of less to hanker term measures, including information, collectiveity and law strainment should be implemented. Asunder from the Government, all sectors – families, communities and collective and individual organizations at every plane – must besides acknowledge their roles in alleviating scanty stain gist in Hong Kong. In truth, the environment is a collective rerise that requires collaborative exertions of the unimpaired nationality to prosecute. It would be enticing to music that everyone is interested in solving this gist and in the adjacent coming, we obtain compose for ourselves and our raise age a reform and scanty-pollution-free city in which to speed and is-sue.

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