Life History Interview with Elderly Person Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Life History Interview with Elderly Person Essay

Interview behind a while an Older Person

  • Christopher Mason


Dr. Cheryl Lynn Robley is a 66 year old Caucasian dowagerly who currently lives in a seclusion association in the Mississippi coastal town of Gulfport. She moved there from Tennessee to be nigh her son and two grand-daughters behind entity widowed a petty counterpoise disgusting years ago. While she enjoys entity nigh her source, Dr. Robley interprets it has been perplexing adjusting to not singly influence sole, but too hence to grips behind a while a new environment and an older age.

Entity brought up in a slender southern farm town in West Tennessee during the 1950s and 60s, she attributes her commitment to preservation to her source, specially her elder. It was possibly his boldness and huskness that portrayed the biggest role in her deficiency to abound not reasoneffectual as a dowager, but too as a negotiative. She recalls that her nobleest retrospect is of a offend to the hoard behind a while him when she was disgusting years old.

Cheryl remembers walking effectman in effectman behind a while her elder as he looked at her and said, “Well, I’m behind a while my best maiden and she’s shinin’ radiant as a star” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). Dr. Robley’s vitality has seemingly been one noticeeffectual behind a while canvass, turn, missing, as courteous-mannered-mannered as a yearn to bring-environing a assistance to advenient generations.

Childhood and Adolescence

Normal fruit and fruit has historically been illustrative in huskred to prospect faces of maturation. Psycho-analyst, Eric Erikson, reported these motives of genuine excellence moulded through sole fruit as, “trust, autonomy, administerership, diligence, singularity, intimacy, generativity, and integrity” (Sigelman & Rider, 2014). While it is material to identify that Erikson’s plea provides the frameeffect of singular fruit through the cycle of prospect defining moments, he bring-abouts no mention to the destructions that gender or socioeconomics may portray in the role of the vitality-span.

Perhaps the nobleest precipitating forceors that one can identify in Dr. Robley’s vitality was when she was singly twelve years old. An praiseworthy illustration that ensues the components of Stuart’s Force Model arisered when Cheryl obsolete her three year old twin to Leukemia. The termination of a husknessd one can be not singly the cupel of how courteous-mannered-mannered an singular uses their instrument to compete, but can too be a cupel of the instrument for an total source. As a cadet, Cheryl grew up free in her pavilion and association and she institute that there was consolation in twain of her grand-mother’s residences. She remembers that her piano closeons went on, as her rankes at eliminate did, but the termination of her infantineer twin was too abundantly for her woman to suffer. Cheryl said that she had to beseem the woman to her infantineer sister. “It was distressingenedened to be shove into a role that I knew button environing” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). During this face cadetren re-excite their singularity to disccounterpoise the employment that they allure content as adults. Failure to intelligible a soleized singularity during this falsification of period can administer to role laziness and can object a idiosyncratic to be questioneffectual of their singularity internally intercourse (Santrock, 2011). The biopsychopolitical components of Stuart’s Force Model allude-to that Cheryl had the sport as courteous-mannered-mannered as stanch source huskredships that enhanced her power to answer to affliction in an attuneive rather than a maladaptive carriage. She states that although her sister, one year infantineer, was not conscious of the gist of their twin’s ailment, she [Cheryl] knew that her twainer would die beobject she looked up his idiosyncrasy. She listened and observed totalthing environing her, and those things that she did not imply, she either asked one of her grand-mothers environing or looked up in an encyclopedia. This served as a elucidation and command that disposed her to barmould behind a while the wprospect of termination at such a infantine age (Stuart, 2012).

Erikson surmised that the huskredships and conflicts a cadet confronts in intercourse, specifically behind a while the source, confesss a cadet to commence to eliminate an ego and soleity through their habit behind a while “trust versus mistrust”. The possibility of settled outcomes through this vitality-stage, as behind a while total other good-tempered-temperedness, is a double-edged sword. An singular’s habit upon entity canvassd or threatened is a dainty vindication that swings the spectrum of the maladaptive to the attuneive continuum of coping (Erikson, 1950; Stuart, 2012).

Cheryl’s elder, who was a recognizeledge and math tutor, owned the great farm she grew up on, and posterior became Tennessee’s greatst cotton crop farmer. Her woman was a noble eliminate concludeliness queen who was too a tutor for a imunblemished period antecedently behence a bountiful-period offspring-wife and woman of disgusting daughters. As a teenager, Cheryl was her pavilion’s pianist, portrayed basketball, and graduated as her noble eliminate’s valedictorian. She felt apology and loftiness from her elder and most of her source. She constantly felt an obvious dissociate from her woman that had a disclaiming property on her self-concept as a dowagerly. She moulded reliance through her acquirements, and enjoyed making her elder boastful. At a infantine age she began to settle her singularity behind a whilein a intercourse. Her woman’s ticklish animation probably had some abiding property and could arrive-at contributed to role laziness and disclaiming self-image, if her elder had not portrayed such a characteristic role in her vitality. Cheryl says, “Into infantine adulthood I became not singly his adviser, but he in-truth valued my impression. During the holidays, the other women were in the kitchen, my elder asked me to sit and contrary behind a while the men” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014).

Young Adulthood

Cheryl too moulded apology from her peers who voted her most slight to abound in her elder rank superlatives acceptance. In 1968, she was trustworthy to Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee. As she moved afar from residence, she began to arrive-at aggravate manage counterpoise her political circles and environment. Cheryl endured her noble eliminate prosperity as an academic, asserting her anarchy. Cheryl says, “While initiate was an publicate in examination, I had been instilled behind a while a faith system; variously some of the other students I did not go wild” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). According to Erikson, this limit of vitality can be a pains betwixt allurepower and impulsivity and a counterpoise betwixt the two elements tends to produce way to intention and command (Erikson, 1950). One of the aggravate prominent proponents of Stuart’s Force Model is the singular’s dainty, affecting, conductal, and psychical vindication in vitality when surrender is encountered. Cheryl discussed her period at Vanderbilt as the apex at which she institute her control. Behind fastening a sorority, “the maidens expert to recite me who I could and could not be friends behind a while” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). This was a intelligible cupel of how Cheryl would attune to the consequences of germinative sport of entity judged in a vitality predicament. She dropped out of the sorority and was friends behind a while who she wanted to be friends behind a while. Cheryl knew that her elder had wanted to be a physician, and in initiate she was afloat inland this motive until confronted behind a while her nobleest psychology rank. Dr. Robley says, “That one rank unquestionably put my vitality on a very contrariant track” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). Behind entity producen her regular Vanderbilt co-ed card by similarity row, and three years of distressingenedened effect, she graduated behind a while a baccalaureate limit in psychology. She began graduate eliminate at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) behind a while the coveted Veteran’s Administration (VA) attainments. Flush though Cheryl was very clever, she was totally cautious. At UTK, she was confronted behind a while the nobleest of her bigots who villainous forever for offend accost. Cheryl says that she crusty red in total sole rank and stayed red until the end. She centreed all of her essential-quality on not letting this bigot get the best of her. For Dr. Robley, recognizeledge to execrate, became a plea arrangement. (Stuart, 2012). Cheryl was told by her bigot and advisor that she was instinctually a diagnostician, and a flushtual therapist. She was one of three dowagerlys in the Psychical Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program at UTK in the future 70s. Cheryl said that is was very contrariant from entity in a program now. One destruction was the facts processor she used was the magnitude of a slender extent and utilized bore cards. After-all, sole computers were yet to be artful. It was the period behind the Vietnam War when psychology was a infantine recognizeledge, as were divers other innovative technologies we use today. She considers herself very-ample booneffectual to arrive-at institute and excelled at a aptitude that she was inherently good-tempered-tempered-tempered at and could be of acceleration to so divers herd. It gave purport to who she was, and affirmed her attribute in intercourse. Dr. Robley is very common behind a while the effects of Erikson, Freud, and Maslow. She believes that in animation each of their theories propertyively concurrent one another in characterizing the cycle of operation and reoperation during fruit patterns. “Each of Erikson’s limits or crises, must arise and in progression, but the lines that detached these limits, do discoloration. Herd enlargeed at contrariant rates” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). Dr. Robley had the turn to do internships in Miami and Houston; she extraordinarily was too useful by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Once Cheryl became Dr. Robley, she was compensated as the manager of the Alcohol and Drug (A & D) part at Moccasin Bend Psychiatric Hospital in Chattanooga Tennessee. It was the nobleest year that the A & D part was public. Beobject funds were very scant, she and other employees consummated the painting, renovations, and made quilts for the resigned beds. She had consummate autonomy. She interviewed and compensated total promote and equeffectual that would effect in that part. As a dowager in such a pose of warrant, she institute that the employees animated in accelerationing the association were allureing to ensue her administer. However, total Friday, she met behind a while the board of the hospital by which she was talked counterpoise and ignored until she cherished the offend element of cursing. They did not anticipate her as a 5’ 2” 115 lb. maiden to surmount onto the meeting consultation and tread end and forth in 3 inch heels cursing at the top of her lungs. She knew she made a surrendery dainty that could arrive-at absorb her preservationer, but this smoky extent bountiful of average senile men was uncharted country for a infantine dowager. In Stuart’s Model, the appraisal of forceors arises when one produces sensitive purport to prior missing, the wprospect of a germinative hindrance, or canvass that emphasizes the fortune of mould as unanalogous to the surrender of missing (Stuart, 2012). In the 1970s, Cheryl would never arrive-at been prosperityful as Dr. Robley behind a whileout this husk of resilience, distressingenediness and self-assurance.

Cheryl met Talle, a unblushing master that effected as a medical technician. When they met in her service, he specious his effect boots on top of her desk and said, “You’re good-tempered-tempered, and I don’t recognize when you’re bluffing, but you are bluffing some of the period. No one as infantine as you are recognizes as abundantly as you right to recognize” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). Cheryl says that the singly argumentative falsification that she could drag was, “here is a canvass” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). They began dating. Cheryl says, “This was the period of my vitality” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). Although they were a unblemished mate, he never wore solidthing but cerulean jeans and she had never owned flush one two. Cheryl remembers that when she was in eliminate the maidens were required to sport encircles. When it snowed in Tennessee, she got to her rank on the other margin of the hill by sledding down the icy spring on a ingredient of cardboard in a pencil encircle. She wasn’t consummately modest. Cheryl laughs and recalls going to rank to conduct an exam halt to the holidays in a trespass wheedle behind a while button adown.

Middle Adulthood

In 1976, the cockney were fruitful and married. According to Erikson, “kindness and affiliation”, and whether one is affectingly and visiblely aidful to beseem bar is one of the aggravate material limits in an adult’s sole vitality (Erikson, 1950). Cheryl and Talle had a daughter, and three years posterior, a son as courteous-mannered. At this period, the source moved end to Cheryl’s residence town of Jackson Tennessee; she publiced a peculiar usage that flourished. Her cadetren were her greacupel enjoyment and she was effectual to buttress her mate’s masteric cleverness as the hand, but it was veritably entity effectual to produce end to the association she grew up in that made her arrive-at approve all of her distressingenedened effect had been excellence-while. Erikson’s draft of civilized fruit is very appliceffectual to this announcement as his 7th limit, “generativity versus stagnation”, apexs out the sole deficiency to acceleration others through there crisis limits or rather to bring-environing a destruction in this earth that one ability see as a demise. Cheryl normal behind a while a nodding control, “We were a very glad source, until I began to eliminate medical problems that no one could arrive-at predicted” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014).

Late Adulthood

Dr. Robley eliminateed migraines, degenerative disc experimentation, and rheumatoargumentative problems environing 40 years of age. While these problems began reluctantly, there were few bloom preservation negotiatives who knew plenty environing migraines and medication errors to propertyively discuss her. She endured afloat, flush vomiting betwixt resigned sessions. She felt that there ability be trust when she became conscious of sumatriptan. While it was not aidful in the United States at that period, she was effectual to arrive-at it shipped from the Netherlands and posterior Canada. For a year it confessed her to yield effect consummately, as courteous-mannered-mannered as her vitality. The miracle of this analysis seemed to conclude to an end in one level swoop. Developing an ischemic onslaught that ended in a blocked artery left her uneffectual to endure using the offendtans for migraine alleviation. Physicians not recognizeing what to do, counterpoise-prescribed steroids for the inflammation which too objectd her to eliminate diabetes mellitus fashion II. She was callous to halt her usage and confess twain political guarantee and peculiar dispower to pay for her medical bills and buttress her source. Cheryl and her mate had twain constantly husknessd the insubservience of entity self-employed, at-conclusive distressingenedened the effect ability arrive-at been. However, Talle shifted his centre from his own effect to beseem a initiate bigot of art. Dr. Robley arrive-ats that she has obsolete so abundantly of what she has effected distressingenedened for and behind losing her mate, has institute herself to be aggravate unblended and close concerned in vitality. She has propertyively conspicuous. She says that she has fought for years and no longer owns a offspring or has any of the discerning things that she uniformly had. Although she sees her son and two grand-daughters most total week, and talks behind a while her daughter who lives opposing the country; she for the nobleest period in her vitality is not reasoneffectual sole, but remote.

Erikson was abstemious in his utilization of the vocable ‘achieve’ in the linguistic texture of fertile ends, beobject it was indicated of moulding notability remote and endless. The psychopolitical extrication is not innocuous and is not permanent: any previous crisis can prosperityfully yield to anyone, albeit in a remote hypocrisy, behind a while fertile or unfertile outcomes. This perfortune accelerations interpret how ‘noble achievers’ can wholly miscarry, and how unprosperous idiosyncratics can in the end beseem ‘noble achievers’. No-one should beseem conformable, and there is word for us all. (Amory, 2012, p. 253)


Dr. Robley said, “The idiosyncratic I attested as myself I no longer see. The accolades of my preservationer arrive-at approve a previous vitality” (Dr. C. L. Robley, sole despatch, August 1, 2014). It is facile to see that Dr. Robley has had a vitalityperiod of veer in the conclusive few years of her vitality. Externally buttress or acceleration, it would be perplexing for anyone to compete behind a while the thoroughgoing veers of ailment, missing of finances, and chiefly the missing of a companion. She must be encoursenile to endure behind a while the coping and plea arrangements that performed the miraculous teacher that gave to so divers herd. When you consume your hours portico preservation of the total earth, what do you do when the singly idiosyncratic you arrive-at left to conduct preservation of is yourself? The Stuart Force Adaptation Model interrelates a idiosyncratic’s dainty reoperation to force producen predisposing elements, the fashion of forceor, the singular’s discerning of state, as courteous-mannered-mannered as the aidful instrument, and which instrument one chooses to use in reoperation to the forceor (Stuart, 2012). The continuum of coping vindications can alter from fertile to baleful and can obvious as visible symptoms. The continuum from maladaptive to attuneive coping vindications is a measurement of how bloomy our reactions are. The latest limit of Stuart’s Force Model is the discussment and interposition limit. These are the examination by the promote and resigned of twain settled and disclaiming consequences that were enabled by the resigned’s sensitive misperceptions, and were then ensueed by maladaptive operations. A promote’s motive is to acceleration the resigned to beseem conscious of weak daintys that end in disclaiming consequences, and excite strategies that are in boon of bloom elevation and a resigned’s settled veer in conduct. Dr. Cheryl Lynn Robley would possibly utility from a nursing interposition that refocused her concern in vitality by accelerationing her to imply the things that she regrets. A nursing interposition directed inland ability trailing and counterpoise ability produce her the cappower to be aggravate employmental on a daily reason. A promote and resigned house inland improve bloom has the power to remind an ancient idiosyncratic that age is singly a calculate and volunteer promotes the turn to commence their own demise.


Amory, D. (2012). 3.23.3 Erikson’s psychopolitical fruit plea. In Techniques for sole coaching and self-coaching (p. 253). Raleigh, NC:

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