Let’s see how to write an essay conclusion
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Dec 16th, 2019

Let’s see how to write an essay conclusion

Many essay writers are used to putting too much at stake when writing a conclusion. There’s nothing surprising in it, as a conclusion is probably the most significant part of any essay, regardless of type. That’s the last chance to persuade readers that your point of view is reasonable. It’s up to you to impress your audience and your conclusion is probably the best tool for this.

The end of an essay is normally expected to convey a pleasant sense of closure and completeness. It should also provide a sense of the lingering possibilities of the theme, its deeper meaning, implications. As for the final paragraph, it needs to close the discussion. On the other hand it shouldn’t be closed off.

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Let’s see how to write an essay conclusion
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We’ve almost come up to the popular puzzle «how to write an essay conclusion »:

  • Have your exclusive creation finished by providing links from your last paragraph to the first. Maybe you should reiterate a phrase or word utilized at the beginning.
  • You may conclude your essay with a sentence, which mainly includes one-syllable words. With the help of simple language you’ll create a powerful effect of understated drama.
  • Another good variant is to use a sentence, which is parallel or compound in structure. Such sentences can generate a persuasive sense of balance.

Well, we’re gradually getting closer to the widespread query people call «how to write an essay conclusion ». We guess, you are on the verge of concluding your discussion without closing it off. Fortunately, it’s quite possible, if you keep to several worthy recommendations. Let’s have a look at them here below:

  • It would be a good thing to conclude your essay with a relevant quotation from reference to a secondary or primary source. Thus, you’ll greatly amplify your number one point or simply put it in rather a different perspective. A good quotation from the classical poem or novel can add texture as well as specificity to your essay discussion. A professional scholar or critic can greatly assist you in confirming or complicating your final point. For instance, you may end your essay with an attractive idea of home from James Joyce’s story collection dubbed Dubliners. Here you can tell about Joyce’s special feelings towards Dublin, his sweet home. Another promising approach to how to write an essay conclusion is to conclude using a biographer’s statement regarding Joyce’s attitude towards that city, which could unveil his character’s responses to Dublin. Be very cautious when it comes to using secondary material.
  • You may end by simply setting your discussion into rather a different and even larger context. Let’s assume you’re currently writing a work on the 19th century muckraking journalism. In this case, you may link it to any news magazine program.
  • You can also redefine one of the major terms in your argument. For instance, you’re dealing with a paper on Marx’s treatment on the dispute between capital and wage labor. Here you can actually begin with his assumption that a free market economy is a huge enterprise of dehumanization. When it comes to concluding your work, you should suggest that Marxist analysis is fully dehumanizing. It’s because explains any social phenomenon from the economic point of view, rather than ethical or moral.
  • What about concluding by using the implications of the argument? That’s another good approach to how to write an essay conclusion. Just answer what your argument implies, involves or suggest. For example, a paper on Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s novel may open with an idea that the protagonist’s development drops a hint that Kane’s belief in the necessity to integrate Sufi spirituality and Western materialism in today’s Senegal. Your conclusion may suggest whether the given integration is real or not.

We’ve almost unveiled the very essence of this mystery, which is called «how to write an conclusion for an essay ». Additionally, pure summarization isn’t what you should use. Instead, use a concise summary of the argument. That’s especially true if your writing work is longer than ten pages. As for shorter essays, they don’t need a restatement of key ideas.

There shouldn’t be such banal phrases. Obviously, these phrases can be very useful, but it mainly applies to oral presentations. As for essay writing, by using the phrases mentioned above, you simply show your readers that you’re just interested in the end and nothing else. With this destructive approach you can hardly figure out how to write an conclusion to an essay.

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