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Dec 18th, 2019


Though he hasn’t exactly entered the pop music mainstream, Lenny Revell is a talented up-and-coming musician. The New York native has a knack for capturing the dazzling flare of Elton John’s piano-based melodies while creating meaningful lyrics which not only scream Billy Joel, but also mirror the music with artistic precision. Revell’s masterful music evokes a pleasant 1970s nostalgia, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

Revell rocks out on piano as he plays with listeners’ emotions. Dramatically driven crescendos and speedy beats will keep anyone listening. Songs like “’Til Death Do Us Part” and the better-known “Who Am I?” succeed in shying away from modern-day’s all-too-familiar melodic structure. There are constant key changes and mood swings that make for an exciting toe-tapping experience.

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“Ghost” has an ethereal noir feeling to it, again showing how Revell explores many grounds. It’s cheerfully haunting and jazzy while still meeting contemporary standards.

With influences like Coldplay and the Beatles, it’s obvious that Revell’s words have been meticulously chosen to reflect his well-crafted piano compositions. Revell first discovered his prime inspiration, Elton John, at age 18. With a star to observe, Revell created an amazing sound that listeners are discovering every day.

“Lessons” is an album with songs of spontaneous delight, dark humor and vivid romance. Revell provides vocal talent with a varying range (sometimes deep and rigid, sometimes campy), which really captures his creative personality. Though it may be almost impossible to purchase a CD at a store near you, the internet holds many opportunities to discover the songs and spirit of Lenny Revell. On that note, the best music is usually the music that hasn’t been heard yet.

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