Learning how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Learning how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay

Whatever kind of paper you are assigned to write, whether it is an essay, doctoral dissertation or scientific article, a thesis statement will be an essential part of it. Being aware of how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay will be very useful skill for you on different stages of your life, levels of education and situations. Although it is always the most difficult part to formulate in any paper, it is also one of the most important parts. A remarkable thesis paragraph has to state the purpose of your paper and let your potential reader understand what he is going to read about, what the key idea of your essay is and what you are trying to prove. Without a strong and clear thesis paragraph, your paper will never make proper impression on your target audience. Therefore, in order to learn how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay, keep reading further.

One of possible ways to create a good thesis statement is to begin with a question, the answer to which will be your thesis paragraph. No matter what the topic of your paper is or how complicated the issue you are going to cover in your paper is, you can use this method anyway. For example: how important is reading classic literature for forming a personality of a student? The answer would be: reading of classic literature is very important to forming a personality of a student. Eventually, it will be your thesis statement.

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Learning how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay
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Once you have come up with a relevant question, you need to make sure it matches the type of essay that you are assigned to write. Some papers are informative, others are convincing, argumentative and so on. Depending on the style and purpose of your essay, you will formulate your thesis statement in that or another way. When learning how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay, pay attention what kind of paper it has to do with. The point is, if you need to write an argumentative essay, your thesis paragraph will have to state your claim that will be supported with evidences, relevant examples, etc. in the body paragraphs of your paper. At the same time, if you need to write an analytical essay, you will probably have to learn how to write a thesis paragraph for an essay in an analytical style. However, regardless of the style and format of your essay, the thesis statement has to be strong, clear and impressive.

Another method to create a thesis statement is to create an argument that is absolutely new for you. As a matter of fact, the most remarkable thesis paragraphs always introduce a new, fascinating way to enlighten a particular topic. You need to show a fresh look at that or another issue and by means of this, you will provoke interest of your target audience. At the same time, if you are presenting a novel argument in your thesis paragraph, make sure that this argument is provable. It is better to think of a thesis statement in the end of your work, when the body paragraphs and the conclusion part are already finished. Thus, you will know the end point of your exploration and it will help you create a provable argument for your thesis statement.

How to write a thesis paragraph for an essay correctly

Apart from coming up with a good idea for your thesis statement, it is also very important to state it correctly. Your thesis will announce the most significant point of your paper, it will have to show the reader the direction of your paper as a whole and let him know what you are proving in your paper. From this point of view, stating your thesis paragraph correctly is no less important than its idea. Generally speaking, your thesis paragraph will answer such question like “What is your essay about?” briefly and clearly. There are several things that you need to know about a thesis paragraph in order to learn how to write a thesis sentence for an essay.

  • First of all, keep in mind that your thesis is not an observation or even a fact. But instead, it is an assertion. The rest of your paper will serve to prove that this assertion is right.
  • A strong thesis paragraph demonstrates your personal position and attitude in regard to that or another issue enlightened in the paper. Therefore, it has to be very clear and understandable.
  • The main idea of your paper is the thesis statement itself. This is what you will explain and prove in the body of your paper after you learn how to write a body paragraph for an essay.
  • A good thesis statement needs to provide a convincing answer to a particular question and to show how you are planning to support your main idea.
  • Keep in mind that it has to be quite debatable. If your thesis statement is something obvious and commonly known, there is no sense to support it with arguments within the paper and convince the reader in its rightness. In this case, your paper will be just meaningless.
  • A thesis paragraph has to include no more than three paragraphs and be as narrow as possible. You need to write just to the point and avoid using words and phrases that don’t play any significant role in it.
  • Your thesis statement doesn’t have to be in a form of a question. The purpose of your thesis is to answer a particular question, not to be one.
  • When your paper is finished, your thesis has to be analyzed carefully. It can have disadvantages at first, and that’s why you need to revise it when the rest of your paper is ready.

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