Learning how to write a essay outline
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Dec 16th, 2019

Learning how to write a essay outline

It goes without saying, regardless of type, any essay needs an outline. Without a clear outline, you can hardly write a successful essay, which could please your admissions committee, for instance. Fortunately, you’ve got an awesome opportunity to make the most of some good tips illustrated here below.

As usual, making an essay goes hand in hand with prewriting, so let’s start with it. Prewriting exercises give meaning and structure to your topic. They also ensure research before you get down to the first draft. Making use of prewriting strategies to generate and organize ideas prevents an author from getting frustrated or stuck. Speakers make drafts of their speeches. You also can’t do without at least a rough draft. After all, your readers hope to enjoy a well-organized presentation of intriguing facts, not to mention a catchy storyline. Prewriting exercises can help you to concentrate on your ideas, develop a logical structure for your writing work, and determine a topic.

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Learning how to write a essay outline
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Now let’s cycle through the most common prewriting exercises:

  • Brainstorming: it won’t take you much time to brainstorm some good ideas, just ten minutes or so. However, the positive effect will be really enormous. Brainstorming will help you to focus on worthy stuff and deprive you of this nasty feeling of being overwhelmed. The essence of the process is very simple. Just jot down as many ideas regarding your topic as possible. Ask yourself why you’ve stuck to this or something like this. Identify the most catchy part of the chosen field. How would your readers feel about it? Once brainstorming is over, read over it and add what’s been missed from your point of view. As a result, you’ll obtain good clues for your outline. As you see, brainstorming is a good way to answer the question «how to write a outline for a essay ».
  • Freewriting: This exercise normally comes with a certain time limit. Here you’re expected to summarize your theme in a sentence and then keep writing. You may write literally anything coming to your mind. Just don’t stop. When doing this exercise don’t think about spelling and grammar. Keep writing until your time limit is over. Read over and underline the most relevant ideas.
  • Listing: In this exercise, you simply need to list all the ideas of yours. That’s a simple but effective way to outline good ideas.
  • Clustering: That’s another good way to record your observations and thoughts for an essay after you’ve picked up a topic. You require drawing a circle close to the center of piece of paper. In this circle, you should write the subject of your writing assignment. After this, in a ring around the major circle you need to write down the key parts of subtopics in the main topic. Circle all of them, then draw a line to connect them with the major circle in the middle. Think of other facts, ideas and issues relating to every main part or subtopic, circle them and make lines to connect them with the relevant subtopics or parts. You require repeating the process with every new circle until you completely run out of ideas. That’s a great way to identify crucial part of your topic.

Now let’s shift to what you’ve been waiting for – outlining. We’ll finally tell you how to write a proposal essay outline.

An outline can be defined as a plan for a writing work, which will help authors to organize their ideas properly, so they could support the thesis statement and communicate to readers. You’ll definitely want to work on your own outline once you complete some of the other exercises, as having a solid idea of what you’d like to say in your paper, will facilitate the writing process. Your outline can be quite informal, you can simply write down your thesis statement and nothing else.

Keep in mind that writing is first of all academic writing. So, if you want to tell a story, make sure it has all the necessary parts. The first one is the introduction, describing what has already occurred. Then the body paragraphs come. They normally explain what’s currently taking place and what’s expected to happen. The body paragraphs traditionally discuss the assigned problem and drop a hint at possible solutions to the issue. Finally, the conclusion arises and it focuses on what’s likely to occur. Keep to this basic structure, if you want your readers to associate your writing attempt with professionalism. Furthermore, the availability of a solid structure in your paper will make it more persuasive.

Sometimes you may need or you may even want to create a more formal outline with lettered and numbered headings as well as subheadings. Thus, you can demonstrate the evident relationships between ideas, facts and information in the writing work.

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