When we think about leadership, a variety of thoughts mix our head: The first choice as a ‘hero’ or a ‘great man’ who accomplishes a major goal against all possibilities for his/her fans or a innovator as a uncommon and ‘charismatic’ individual with extra-ordinary qualities and a grand perspective. In fact, according to some scholars, the annals of the world is the annals of great men. The great-man theory of leadership is still of popular interest to showcase individual leadership in the politics and commercial world.

Leadership was based on the study of individuals who already are great leaders. These folks awere often from the aristocracy, as few from low classes got the opportunity to lead. This contributed from the notation that leadership something to do with breeding.

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We all notice that some of the best leaders known to mankind have been the founders of various religions. The Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ, and Prophet Mohammad are fine examples of religious leadership. On the other hand, Alexander the Great, Chenghiz Khan and Napoleon Bonaparte, for occasion, exemplify

Individual leadership includes surviving in quality and balance, the way your personal principles, understand responsibility of their lives, living with a feeling of purpose and moving towards a personal vision. Personal leadership is a simple of all leadership contexts, the basic meaning is, if you are unable to lead yourself efficiently, you’ll be unable to lead others effectively.

All market leaders need to control team parameters, manage team system and personalities, in a manner that motivate each team member, to put efforts according to their unique abilities. Great team leaders build team’s consisting of individuals, where each ones strengths compensates for another’s weakness, making an aligned high performance team.

Building upon the team leadership practice, Leadership creates alignment between associates, making certain the successful conclusion of strategy. The practice of leadership is actually about making alignment, improving strategies, keeping yourself alert and focused communication and making inter personal human relationships. I am aware that in best quality business unit, leadership is necessary to ensure the successful execution of corporate and business strategies.

Where there aren’t very fine and specific characteristics define a leader, there are always a many features of leadership that are valuable in market leaders. All these may include commitment, integrity, credibility, sincerity, humility, courage, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, conviction, compassion, sensitivity, and personal charisma. They are not all the things that leader may own, but they grow to be a few of the qualities of the leader and are often shown by their actions.

It sometimes appears leadership is mostly about behavior, and this behavior won’t vary from others’ without acting on innovative ideas. Innovation is the only path to challenge complications. We always assumed that a great leader is able to transfer and motivate others from a static life to one of great variably changing views, beliefs and values. Each one of these changes eventually lead to activities which can be what leadership is growing to change!

Styles of leadership

Efficient leaders take the time not no more than if they looser succeed, but even about how they proffered to experiment with the overall game. Finally, the personal choice that we always and must make about is whether to engage one’s head that of authority or that of leadership can inform our own job future as well as people around all around us.

It’s been seen the famous industrialist emphasize the difference between the “authoritative” and “nurturing” leadership styles as the “hard” and “soft” components of management.

They prosper on a respected process by a fitness of combining examination and understanding of the concerns present and future.

Leaders judge issues but they will never turn problems into doubts. They boost opportunity but won’t transform opportunity into excursion. They have a total knowledge of skinny series between risk and pay back as they press ahead towards prosperity and progress.

Styles (htt2)

Good leaders will use all three styles depending on all situations with only a minor difference with their natural style. Poor market leaders will generally stick with one style and not modify for different situations restricting their influence greatly and it can be one out of these.



Free reign

Authoritarian style where are decisions are centralized as in dictatorship.

No suggestion and advises are entertain or prompted. It is an effective and used to provide strong motivations to managers in any group. The final results are quick decision making as there is merely one person to make decisions permanently one and it is maintained to himself unless he feels the need to be shared.

Democratic style is a method contrary to the above mentioned one. Here this style favors decision making by group such as leaders generates instructions after having a consulting with a group or band of professional. They are able to seek co-operation from an organization or professional and motivate them by their engagement in goals. The outcomes of the democratic leader aren’t serotype as with the autocrat because they arise from appointment with the group associates and contribution by them.

Free rein style a free reign leader will lead by going out of the decesions to its co-workers and subordinates i. e. , they can be providing a flexibility deciding their own way to do things and plans.

Different scenario style can be applied in various situations. Within an emergency where there is short amount of time an autocratic style is best suitable however in a determined and homogenous team democratic would be more suitable.

The practice of organizational authority includes producing plan and course, pointing changes and managing cultural transformation. Organizational command is important to control the fit between the external, variable market and the internal company’s processes to build up organizational resilience.

The pursuing is my list of the characteristics of any good head: (htt1)

Vision leaders must have a good and clear vision. They must believe in them home and can encourage people in thinking and following them. There perspective for things is what maybe it’s not what they are.

Wise leaders have to go for critical calls are difficult details. A leader has to be wise and experienced in order to make a correct call for a successful organization. They may be strategic, sensible and perceptive.

Passionate good market leaders are very excited aabout their work and people. There obsession makes them totally centered on what they do it might be activities hobby or business. They operate in a high level of passion that they get totally consumed in it.

Compassionate good market leaders have compassion for the individuals, employs and followers. While these leaders have goals to perform, they consistently look after the individuals that support them. They aren’t selfish and also have hear for individuals they follow.

Charismatic most good market leaders are charming plus they draw the attention of the folks incidentally they discuss and just how they take themselves. They are great in building relationships and maintaining them.

Persistent they have strong will power towards their goal. They foresee the condition towards their goals. They note that the good thing about attaining their goals is larger than that of the problems that occurred. This makes them intensely prolonged individuals.

Great communicators these are comfortable in public speaking and inspiring. They are great orator and persuaders.

Integrity good market leaders suggest there words what they state. They don’t really play political games.

Daring these are bold. A great leader said”courage is the virtue which all virtue leftovers on. ” – Winston Churchill.

Disciplined Most good leaders are very handled in their goals. Where most would be simply distracted, good market leaders discipline their brains to keep centered and steady regardless of the situation.

In my thoughts and opinions two great business leaders are


Call him ‘The king of good times’ or the liquor Baron, this charismatic personality’s name is a whole introduction in itself. Storyline his life narrates countries, time zones, cars and opportunities.

He says and is convinced in living the life-king size. His strong eyesight and guts to take on difficult and new troubles in life always provided him a graphic of great innovator over other business leaders and tycoons. He’s the person who changed the common view about a ‘multi-national company’.

Referred to as India’s Richard Branson. An excellent area of the personality of the Kingfisher brand is based on Mallya’s personality. He is considers to been an moral leader. He’s honored for having by itself transformed the image of his beer from a item to a new lifestyle brand. The Kingfisher codes a 29% talk about of the beer market in India and comes in over 52 countries

Vijay Mallya is considered to be always a flamboyant CEO of United Breweries -that owns the Kingfisher brand – is one of the most flamboyant CEOs in Asia. He has built a reputation for spending extravagantly his profit the general public trusts. Even he is seen as a vary parotic person. He earned the bet of the Kohinoor gemstone in England, which is worth of millions of dollars and donated it to the Indian federal.

His mission declaration reflects all the leadership style mentioned previously in this article.

Mission Statement from the Tycoon

We constitute a big, global group located in India. We associate with world leaders in order to look at technologies and functions that will allow a management position in a large spectrum of activities.

We are centered on assuming leadership in every our target markets.

We seek to be the most preferred company wherever we operate.

We recognize that our organization is built around individuals who are our most effective asset.

We will be the partner of preference for customers, suppliers and other designers of innovative ideas.

We will regularly raise the long-term value in our Group for the good thing about our shareholders.

We will operate as a decentralized firm and invite each business to develop within our mentioned values.

We will be a major contributor to your National Market and take full benefit of our strong source base.

We commit ourselves to the ongoing mission of attaining Scientific Excellence


From Microsoft’s founding in 1975 until 2006, Gates possessed major responsibility for the business’s product strategy. He enthusiastically broadened the business’s selection of products, and he transported Microsoft in all the hard and critical times very finely.

As an exec, Gates kept consisting meetings with Microsoft’s mature managers and division managers. It is seen him interrupting the presentations with responses such as, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve have you ever heard!” and, “The trend is to just quit your options and join the Serenity Corps?” The intentions of his behavior then had to guard the proposal in detail until, maybe, he was totally satisfied. When subordinates were procrastinating, he used sarcasm as his tool, “I’ll do it over the weekend. ” In 2006, Gates announced that he would change his day-to-day role over the next two years and dedicate more time to philanthropy.

Why costs gates?? (htt5)

Focus: He shows over almost 30 years the vitality of quality of thought and execution.

Thinking big: Together with focus, the capability to desire big and make it with single-minded willpower, keep him apart from other leaders and business people.

Passion: Simple way to do things. If anything will probably be worth doing, it is worth doing well. From a simple thank you take note to a complex proposal, it’s important regarding excellence on whatever needs doing.

Learning as a life-long process: although he lowered out college while chasing to his dreams, he has probably read and written much more than almost all of us ever will.

Giving back to modern culture: The Expenses and Melinda Gates Base has provided a new dimension to philanthropy by responding to conditions that are global in characteristics – malaria, cancer tumor, AIDS.

Part B

Poor Communication by mature management: Low-quality communication brings inadequate work culture and the employees can be sidetracked from goals. Management’s expectation would be different from what an employee would understand. This may sketch a strained marriage between a worker and an employer.

Office politics: Differing people have different mind-set. Many of them who are skillful workers don’t want to indulge in any type of politics. Forced to achieve that lead to inefficient work which brings aggravation in employee and employer too.

Lack of team work: every person in a team has a task assigned to achieve an individual goal. If any person in team absence in his work, it make a difference the complete team. This can produce a friction among team member within an organization.

The use of politically accurate language: the utilization of informal dialect can be offensive to some of these. It may well not be appropriate at places where folks from different culture will work. If people in an organization will not have good will amongst others, it can conclude frustrating some of the universities.

Nosy co-workers: back biting and sneaking into other individuals work is a annoyance for most of the employees. Employees will be uncomfortable to work and it’ll bring uneasiness among them.


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