Leadership Character in a Famous Leader Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Leadership Character in a Famous Leader Essay

Leadership is establishing direction and influencing a group of people towards the achievement of goal.World without leader would ceast to exist.A leader shows a ray of light in darkness and makes future brighter.He brings hope and happiness in life.

Mahatma known as great soul.Gandhi was the leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule.He is known as the ‘Father of Independence’ of his country.His non-violent protest to achieve political and social progress has been hugely influential.

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Leadership Character in a Famous Leader Essay
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Mahatma Gandhi had a vision for India, where there would no government, no army or police force.He wished that India would be as it was in the past with self-developing villages,only depending on agrarian economy(Mahatma Gandhi’s Vision for the future India,by Joseph S.Friedman)The essential qualities of leadership can be found in Gandhi are crebility,selfless and inspirational leader.

Gandhi had a credibility established through his work and movements in South Africa.

South Africa changed Gandhi dramatically,as he faced the discrimination. One day in court at Durban, the magistrate asked him to remove his turban. Other than that, Gandhi was thrown off a train, when he refused to move from the first class to a third class coach. These are the incidents have been known as a turning point in his life(Biography of Mahatma Gandhi, by Jennifer Rosenberg).People already had a great honor and hopes from him due to what he could achieve in South Africa, his non-violent were very well respected. In India, Gandhi established the credibility through example.He showed himself as a slave of the people of India.

Gandhi is a selfless leader in the history.His approach had nothing to do with his personal interest and in fact, he sacrificed his comfort and his family’s to bring about the change.On several occasions, he was humiliated, battered and kicked by the whites.He tolerated the insults and let go those who were unjust to him.He was never thought of revenge.All he wanted was discriminatory practices against the non-white to be stopped (Gandhi An Exemplary Leader, by Ashim Gupta,2008). Moreover, the lesser-known attributes of the great soul were humanity and service. He offered shelter to a leper and cared for him.He took two hours from his office work daily to monitor the leper in a hospital in Natal.Also,Gandhi is remembered by the poor more for his service than as an independence fighter.

Gandhi without a doubt could inspire many leaders, he could show the common man that even he can make difference and bring the English Empire down.It was possible since his leadership based on self-reliance and non-cooperation. Martin Luther King was greatly inspired by Mahatma.Gandhi’s non-violence was informal by not merely his Hindu background but by extensive study of other religious and moral traditions, including Christianity. Gandhi’s greatest contribution to history and the reason his was such a crucial influence on King was Gandhi’s contention was always that standing up for oneself, struggling against independence, living with dignity and integrity. Do not require any use of violence(Mahatma Gandhi Leadership-Inspirational Foundations, by Y.P Anand,2007).Besides,South African former president Nelson Mandela’s first inspiration was Mahatma Gandhi.Mandela is not the only student of Non-violence leader Mahatma Gandhi.There are some other famous leaders in world who follow him for that.

In conclusion, Mahatma Gandhi,who is known as the ‘Father of The Nation’ was the key leader in the independence struggle for India.Although,to this day, India is the largest democracy in the world with an globalized economy that has absolutely nothing to do with Gandhi’s vision for his beloved country.However,his gentle approach to life is a proof to the fact that strength does not equal to physical capacity(Inspiring quotes by Mahatma, by Zoe B).Gandhi’s outstanding qualities which has proven that it is possible to remain gentle in spirit, yet simultaneously achieve a huge amount of strength and respect.

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