La Malinche
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Dec 18th, 2019

La Malinche

Life & career of 16th Cent. Mexican translator/cultural interpreter/mistress of Spanish conqueror Cortes, in context of nation’s cultural history.

But there is another element to the original and long-enduring disregard and even hatred that has been cast upon La Malinche, and the other women who (like the Maria of our story) shared similar structural positions. Women who produced Mexican mestizo children have been hated by many Mexicans until the most recent generation not because of their betrayal of the Aztecs but because of their engendering of the entire race of Mexicans. It is because Mexicans have for so long hated themselves, hated their own mixed heritage, that they hate La Malinche and other women like her. It is only when Mexicans come to peace with their own mestizo heritage that they can possibly come to terms with La Malinche and revere her as the founder of the race. It seems fairly certain that she was indeed Cortes’s lover but also that she was faithful to him.

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La Malinche
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