La Estructura by Noel Torres
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Dec 18th, 2019

La Estructura by Noel Torres

La Estructura
Noel Torres is a singer that likes to give a variety in one single CD. Being a songwriter gives him the opportunity to show all kinds of views on the world. For example in his most recent CD “ La Estructura” his first song starts out talking about the structure of a drug dealer. In contrary two songs after there is a strong feel of dislike and pride. The CD ends with a love song. Noel Torres will make you have a lot of emotions when hearing his music.
The starting song will get anyone in a happy mood. Talking about being successful and making a lot of money makes the people get in a good mood. Even though he talks about drugs if you understand the song you will still see the good side to it. Everyone wants money and will do mostly anything to get it.
“Se me acabaron las lagrimas” “My tears are gone” is another song of this CD.

This song is contrasting from the very first song. It’s about how there was a guy that really liked someone but later got tired of waiting. After crying a lot and thinking a lot he finally gave up and stopped thinking about her. This type of song would be most heard by someone in the same situation. Trying to make themselves feel a little better. Maybe getting themselves a little sentimental too.
Noel Torres ends the CD with something about love, but this time about someone trying to let someone know how they feel. Saying to try guess that it is that loves her and has loved her the whole time. Trying to make her have his attention.
This is CD is one that I would recommend for anyone to listen. Anyone who likes to hear a lot of variety and someone who finds a big passion in Mexican songs, and their meanings. I really recommend this for anyone looking also for good entertainment.

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La Estructura by Noel Torres
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