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Dec 18th, 2019


The arena was packed with the usual rock ‘n’ roll fans (bikers,hunters, older guys and a variety of women). I was the most excitedperson in the world. Everyone was wearing something with KISS on it.Although I couldn’t make a KISS costume, I did have a KISS t-shirtand my face painted as the bass player, Gene Simmons.

My dad and I went to find our seats and a woman handed us officialtour edition KISS 3D glasses for the video screen during the show.While we were waiting, a big guy near us began screaming gibberish atthe top of his lungs. When he was done, my dad looked at me and said,”If you want to make a complete idiot of yourself, he’s the guyto learn from.”

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Finally it was time for the opening act, a Detroit group called”Caroline’s Spine.” The crowd was somewhat excited, butwhat they really wanted to see was KISS.

Finally, strobe lights began to flicker and a voice said, “Youwanted the best, and you got the best. The hottest band in the land -KISS!” The curtain went up to reveal the four band members. Thiswas true heaven.

They opened with the title track from their new album, “PsychoCircus.” I was one of the few in the audience who knew all thewords. When they finished, rhythm guitarist and lead singer PaulStanley welcomed the audience. The audience gave thunderous applauseand the band rolled right into their opener from their previous tour,”Deuce.”

KISS is famous for their stage shows. They had many of their classic,signature show pieces. Lead guitarist Ace Frehley had an awesomeguitar solo where his guitar shot missiles across the stage, blewsmoke that covered the stage and, to top it all off, his guitarfloated in the air while the music was playing. Then all of a sudden,Gene had his special ax bass which flew 30 feet in the air.

Drummer Peter Criss had his share of the spotlight with the ballad”Beth” and a drum solo where his drum stand rose into theair. Stanley did his usual, of course, flexing and strutting for theladies. He actually grabbed onto a trolley and flew into the crowdand danced during “Love Gun.” At the conclusion of”Firehouse,” sirens blared for what seemed like an hour. Totop it all off, portions of the footage on the oversized video screenwere in 3D, the first time any band has used 3D effects in theirvideos and concerts. It was something that could only have been doneby KISS.

“Gooood night, everybody, KISS loves Detroit,” Paul Stanleysaid as they finished with “Detroit Rock City.” My voicewas completely gone from screaming. We were sleepy, but could stillhear the roar of the crowd and KISS rocking on stage echoing in ourminds.

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