Kiss and Tell by Selena Gomez ;3 The Scene
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Dec 18th, 2019

Kiss and Tell by Selena Gomez ;3 The Scene

If you were to stop listening after the first (and title) track, “Kiss and Tell”, you may decide Selena Gomez and the Scene will ultimately fail. The song is overly techno and, while the message is strong, the song is not one to put on your favorites list after only one listen.

But if you were to continue listening, you would discover that, for a debut, “Kiss and Tell” is a hit. And just like many other debuts, it’s brimming with messages:

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Kiss and Tell by Selena Gomez ;3 The Scene
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“Kiss and Tell”-a true friend is not someone who lives to tell the world your secrets; gossip hurts.

“I Won’t Apologize”-Never change for a guy; the relationship will never work out. Never apologize for who you are.

“Falling Down”-Hollywood is filled with plastics and fakes, who will eventually fail.

“Stop and Erase”-Bullies try to make themselves appear more dominant by putting others down and surrounding themselves with other bullies.

But one day, the tables will turn and they will be exposed for who they really are.

The dance vibe keeps you listening for more and keeps you impatiently awaiting the sophmore album from Selena Gomez and the Scene, due out sometime in 2010.

*The Target limited edition CD features a twenty minute DVD with behind-the-scenes/in-the-recording-studio of “Kiss and Tell”, the music video for “Falling Down” and a photo gallery.

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