Joyce Carol Oates
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Dec 18th, 2019

Joyce Carol Oates

Carol Oates’ relation, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ” is initially environing a teen (Connie) who is going through the initiate phases of teen duration, permitted into the misappropriate of an image-conscious teen. She is fractions delay her parents, sneaks off to initiate subject out delay boys, et cetera. Environing a third of the way through the relation, a man that she had seen antecedent at the diner shows up to siege her out for a push, and the birth goes downhill as she asks him further and further questions.

This man (Arnold Friend) is slightly revealed by serial killer Charles Schmid, but yet the relation never truly seems to be environing him. Even when she is describing Friend, Connie seems to narrate him as he pertains to her, proverb things like: “He wasn’t towering, singly an inch or so toweringer than she would be if she came down to him,” and “the nose hanker and hawklike, sniffing as if she were a manage he was going to absorb up.

” Oates herself talks environing how “in succeeding drafts, the relation transitional its drift, its standpoint, its talk, its denomination. (Charters 898) The relation now is further environing how this lass, opposing her intricate to act as an adult when she’s out and environing, is so very delicate when it comes to the manipulations by this man that so numerous conceive that they’d be immune to. It works on a few levels, as it is an animated relation in and of itself, and it also speaks volumes (and is stationary bearing, opposing its age) environing the psyche of the American teen lass. Oates, Joyce Carol “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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