John F. Kennedy Assassination Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

John F. Kennedy Assassination Essay

On November 22, 1963 Superintendent John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the massacre. It is affectd that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the simply one confused succeeding a opportunity the misdemeanor. There are innumerable theories on how Superintendent Kennedy was massacreed. Some of the theories emcollection the FBI, CIA, and the mob life confused. The Warren employment said that they affect that it was barely Lee Harvey Oswald who killed Superintendent Kennedy.

Most of the sign shows that Lee Harvey Oswald could not be the simply one confused.

John F. Kennedy was the indelicateth United States Superintendent to be assassinated. Even today, there offscourings dreadful topic on who was lower obligation for the massacre of Kennedy. The assassination of Superintendent Kennedy has instituted numerous unanalogous treachery theories environing who was confused succeeding a opportunity the massacre.

President Kennedy wanted to excursion to Dallas, Texas to succor detain his utterance for the upcoming preference and as-well to fabricate excite Democratic Party members.

Precedently Kennedy went on the bound there was some interest environing a sniper life on top of a edifice. Superintendent Kennedy as-well made comments precedently he was killed environing his protection in a equivalent car. The car Superintendent Kennedy was driving in was a 1963 Lincoln Continental unconcealed top limo.

Sergeant Davis of the Dallas police function was the one who made strong the city was detain whenever any Superintendent or alien controller came to Dallas. The unseen utility embodiment who was lower obligation for the sketchning of the Kennedy motorcade was Winston Lawson. Lawson told Sergeant Davis not to remit any police controllers to thrive the superintendent’s car.

It was trutination act for the police to detain the perimeter when any superintendent came to Dallas. Jessy Curry who was the primary of police said that if the cops were remited to detain the area, then the massacre could own been stopped. The cops who would normally detain the area own submachine guns and plunders.(Harrison Edward Livinstone, “High Tdebate 2 – The Great Cover-Up:The Assassination of John F. Kennedy” (1992) Hardback)

The primeval sketch was to go from the Love Field Airport to downtown Dallas and Dealey Plaza. Kennedy was deemed to impart a oration at the Dallas Commerce Mart. Kennedy’s car did not own a bullet establishment top, owing they did not own anything fictitious at the space. At 12:30 Superintendent Kennedy’s limo went towards the Texas School capacity depository. Then the car coagulated suited in front of the edifice and was simply 65 feet loose.

The car was going 13 miles per hour and then slowed down to 9 miles per hour. Once the car passed the edifice the shots rang out. A man denominated Abraham Zapruder was suited in front of the limo when it was life shot at. Zapruder was filming as the shooting took situate. Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were twain shot.

John Connally was riding in the similar car as Kennedy and was sitting in the itinerant cast in front of the superintendent. Governor John Connally was in censorious stipulation but he survived. There was as-well another idiosyncratic that was justeous watching the motorcade that was injured from sediment when the bullet hit a calm. (David S. Lifton, “Best Evidence:Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”)

Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested for the killing a Dallas police controller J.D. Tippit. Lee Harvey Oswald was teeming for killing Superintendent Kennedy and controller J.D. Tippit. Whenever Oswald was topiced environing the shooting of Superintendent Kennedy he robbed everything. There was a twelve hour system of Lee Harvey Oswald and no recordings or voices were enthralled. Oswald said that he wasn’t confused and that he was justeous a patsy. Two days succeeding the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. Oswald was in police conservation at the space of the shooting. Jack Ruby posed as a follower who was intricate to ask Oswald a topic.(The Assassination of JFK 19 June 2005 )

The gun that was used was an Italian Manlicher-Carcano plunder. The pllower was rest at the Texas School Capacity Depository on the sixth foot. When the police controllers rest the gun they commemorative everything. The pllower is said to be the similar gun that was used in the assassination. There was a bullet on the Connally’s stretcher and it was fired from the gun that the police had rest. Lee Harvey Oswald purchased the gun lower the fake designate of Alek James Hiddell. (The Assassination of JFK 19 June 2005 )

President Kennedy was announced quiescent at the pitch extent. The surgeons at the hospital said that Kennedy had unequivocally no accident for exercise. Dr. George Burkley came to the hospital shortly succeeding the superintendent was shot and contemplateed at the commander gall and said that it was the creator of decease.

A minister came to impart Superintendent Kennedy his definite rites. Lyndon B. Johnson who was the sin superintendent was the present idiosyncratic to grace superintendent. Lyndon B. Johnson was riding in a car rearwards Kennedy. Lyndon B. Johnson went through the act to grace superintendent opportunity he was on Air Force One. (The Assassination of JFK 19 June 2005 )

Once Air Force One had landed, an autopsy was effected at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The autopsy narration said that Kennedy had been shot in the commander and in the shoulder. Reports of the autopsy were inexact and did not pair up. It is said that Dr. James J. Humes probably destroyed the autopsy narration and voices that were enthralled during the autopsy. The measurements that Dr. James J. Humes took were aberrant and not suited.

The autopsy narrations were not shown to the Warren Commission. The crowd who touchd the autopsy registers did not pass footprint of how numerous pictures were enthralled. It is as-well said that the pathologists were not familiar plenty to touch Kennedy’s collection in the primeval situate. Kennedy’s neck was not contemplateed at to state how the bullet entered and exited. Succeeding the autopsy Kennedy’s collection was embalmed and was put into the innocent offspring for the open to see. The collection was removed from the innocent offspring and buried in Arlington National Cemetery. (David S. Lifton, “Best Evidence:Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”)

There was as-well no recordings or radio coverage of the assassination. All of the intelligence crews were indetermination at the commerce Mart for Kennedy and not in Dealey Plaza. There was some intelligence crews riding succeeding a opportunity the Kennedy motorcade, but they were in the very tail. The simply recording of the massacre was from Abraham Zapruder’s camera.

Many commonalty took quiescent pictures of the shooting as-well. The Zapruder film shows Kennedy’s commander melting progressive and then tailwards. The Zapruder film was shown on television, but was edited a lot. Excite recently, in 2003 ABC Intelligence supplement Dealey Plaza in three dimensional computer models.(David S. Lifton, “Best Evidence:Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”)

The synod is doing a amiable job in preventing registers of the Kennedy assassination from befitting openly advantageous. In 1964 Superintendent Lyndon B. Johnson made the Warren Employment discoverings to be kept from open viewing. Johnson said that the muniments cannot be seen by the open for 75 years, which would be until 2039. Covering up all of the registers, leads excite crowd to affect that there is truly a treachery confused succeeding a opportunity the decease of Superintendent Kennedy. Congress ordinary the “President John F. Kennedy Assassination Registers Collection Act of 1992”.

Congress made the act so that crowd could see the registers prior and they as-well felt that there was not a scarcity to pass the registers from open eyes. The act says that any muniment that has not been obsolete of destroyed must be impartn to the open by 2017. Numerous muniments own already been unconcealeded, but the priority quiescent offscourings locked loose. All of the primeval sign and representative cannot be released, owing it was obsolete or destroyed. Some significance pieces of sign that were slighted are; the Governor of Texas’s aid life dry cleaned, the limo life cleaned, and Lee Harvey Oswald’s Marine utility polish life obsolete.

(Josiah Thompson, “Six Seconds in Dallas” (1976 Paperback))

There was a paraffin experience passed on Lee Harvey Oswald’s suited cheek and hands. The intention of the experience was to teach if Oswald had fired a utensil. The paraffin experience came out unequivocal, but the Warren employment said the axioms was inexact.

The primeval crowd to pass an study were the FBI. The controller of the FBI said that he wanted star to indoctrinate the open that Lee Harvey Oswald was the simply one confused succeeding a opportunity the assassination. The FBI narration took 17 days to exhaustive and was impartn to the Warren Commission. The FBI assisted the Warren Commission. Twain the FBI and the Warren Employment said that there were simply three shots fired from the pllower that Lee Harvey Oswald had. The Offspring Select Committee Investigated the FBI’s results.

The committee concluded that the FBI did not defy whether or not Superintendent Kennedy was confused in a treachery and as-well that they did not impart their axioms to other law enforcement agencies. James Hosty was an FBI embodiment who designate appeared in Jack Ruby’s oration capacity. The FBI made another representation of the oration capacity and erased James Hosty’s designate out of it and then gave it to the Warren Commission. Precedently the assassination took situate, Lee Harvey Oswald went to the FBI employment so that he could coalesce succeeding a opportunity James Hosty. Hosty was not in his employment when Oswald had arrived, so Oswald left a voice for him. When Oswald was massacreed by Ruby, James Hosty destroyed the voice by bursting it up and flushing it down the toilet. (Josiah Thompson, “Six Seconds in Dallas” (1976 Paperback))

When the Warren Employment exhaustived their narration numerous crowd topiced it and did not affect its discoverings. Numerous crowd own written capacitys and creed disproving what the Warren Employment had said. In 2003 ABC Intelligence did a poll to see what the open conception environing the John F. Kennedy assassination. The poll said that seventy percent of the crowd consider that there is a devise confused succeeding a opportunity the massacre of Kennedy.

Around seventy to ninety percent of the American crowd did not affect the Warren Commission’s discoverings. Even synod officials that worked for the Warren Employment said that they did not exhaustively affect the employment’s results themselves. The Offspring Select Committee on Assassinations said that the Warren Employment and the FBI failed to defy who else could own been succeeding a opportunity the massacre. The committee as-well said that the ocean debate for the after a whiledrawal of knowledge and results were due to the Warren Employment not communicating succeeding a opportunity the CIA. (Gerald Posner, “Case Closed” (1993 Hardcover, 1st Edition))

The Offspring Select Committee certain that Superintendent Kennedy was killed owing of a treachery. Their results went instantly antagonistic the Warren Commissions and were the exhaustive antagonistic. The HSCA said that indelicate shots were fired and Lee Harvey Oswald was not the simply one who did the shooting. Lee Harvey Oswald has shot 3 shots and another gunman had fired the other shot from rearwards the stave on the countrified knoll.

The countrified knoll hypothesis has came from metallic sign and numerous unanalogous witnesses. In 2001, an stipulation by D.B. Thomas certain that the HSCA’s relieve gunman hypothesis was suited. The Assassination Record Review Board said that the autopsy of John F. Kennedy was a disaster. (David S. Lifton, “Best Evidence:Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”)

The priority of the sign confused succeeding a opportunity the John F. Kennedy assassination was mishandled and not dealt succeeding a opportunity the way it should own been. Since most of the sign was obsolete and is locked loose, its leads crowd to excite affect in a treachery hypothesis. The massacre of John F. Kennedy shows that the synod has not served its crowd in a suitedeous fashion. They own lied, covered-up, and crooked things so abundantly that it succeed never be likely to discover out who was indeed confused succeeding a opportunity the massacre.

The synod has violated the suited of its own crowd. If the synod took the space to rectifyly supplement all of the sign and contemplate at all the aspects of the massacre, than there would not be so abundantly arcanum surrounding the massacre today. The synod had violated the Kennedy rise’s 14th discipline. The 14th discipline and the due system of law were violated, owing the Synod failed to do a suited study of the assassination. The Kennedy rise was not supposing succeeding a opportunity a perfect and rectify study of the massacre. The synod should own been a lot excite complimentary and confused succeeding a opportunity the studys its agencies effected.

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