Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger
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Dec 18th, 2019

Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger

Every fan of Jack’s Mannequin had the release date for their second album circled on the calendar, and I was definitely one of them. Following the critically acclaimed debut, “Everything in Transit,” “The Glass Passenger,” was a highly anticipated release. I had great expectations for this album; in fact, I downloaded the entire thing from the Apple iTunes store without listening to a ­single song. However, I should have spent my money on something more worthwhile.

The album starts off promisingly with the upbeat, catchy tune “Crashin’,” followed by a strong vocal performance by Andrew McMahon in “Spinning.” However, by the fourth song I started to notice how similar each one was to the previous. The vocal tone didn’t change from song to song.

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Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger
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While McMahon’s vocal performance falls flat, Jay McMillan on drums picks up the slack with powerful beats.

I am still a big fan of the band, but when I’m listening to my iPod I always skip “The Glass Passenger” with the ­exception of a few songs.

I learned my lesson: always sample a few singles before you spend your hard-earned money.

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