“It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”
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Dec 18th, 2019

“It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”

After five years of replaying my beloved Maroon 5’s debut album, “Songs about Jane,” I was much in need of new material from this great band. Their 2007 release, “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” is quickly moving up my iTunes list of most-played songs.

The first single off this album, “Makes Me Wonder,” took the world by storm. It’s one of those songs that makes me dance, no matter how many times I have listened to it. Before they dropped their second single from this album, I had memorized just about every track. “Back at Your Door” became an instant favorite of mine. It opens with Adam Levine singing soft lyrics, and quickly jumps into an extremely catchy chorus. The most recent single, “Wake Up Call,” offers an equally catchy beat with its own unique sound.

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While many of today’s artists end up sounding like robots because of overproduction on the computer, Maroon 5 stays true to their unique sound.

The enticing blend of soul, rock, and jazz appeals to almost any audience. “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” combines soulful ballads like Levine’s apology song, “Goodnight Goodnight,” with head-bobbing rock tracks like the fast-paced “Can’t Stop.”

Each song could be a smash hit. This is easily the most distinguishable pop record to appear in years. Levine’s unique falsetto is a standout on every track, backed up by sharp work on electric guitars and drums.

Maroon 5 did more than just avoid the sophomore slump with this album. They produced innovative, unique music with a timeless vibe. Here’s to replaying these songs over and over until the third album comes out. I can only hope it won’t be 2012 before we hear more great music from these guys!

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